3 Tips for Removing Toxins, Irritants and Allergens from Your Home

3 Tips for Removing Toxins, Irritants and Allergens from Your Home

One of the great health issues of modern times is the sheer prevalence of different toxins, irritants, and endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the home. Research has found evidence that many chronic conditions may be linked to hormone imbalances which are at least partly caused by the everyday toxins which accumulate in our houses and apartment.

Applying the standard rules of house cleaning is a great place to start in dealing with these problems. Vacuuming, dusting, and inspecting your curtains sofas and carpet one by one will all make a positive impact.

Your anti-toxin and allergen effects shouldn’t end there, however.

Here are a few straightforward tips for further improving the general hygiene of your home.

Use a filter jug for your water (don’t buy bottled water)

glass of water

Tap water may not be the pure poison that it is in some countries, or that some fervent activists say it is, but there is evidence that it contains enough extraneous chemicals and substances that you should be a bit nervous about drinking it in the long-term.

To enhance the purity of your tap water, filter it through a Brita filter jug or similar. And don’t buy bottled water, either, it’s unethical and often has lower standards than tap water.

Why? It’s recently been suggested by some that virtually all, if not, in fact, all bottled water is contaminated with xenoestrogens which can contribute to, among other things, cancers. The plastic bottle itself appears to be the cause of this.


Buy a metal flask

water bottles

For similar reasons to those mentioned above, it is best to store and drink your water in a metal bottle, rather than a plastic one, when out and about. Doing so will reduce your risk of coming into contact with xenoestrogens often associated with plastics.

Even if you’re just hanging around the house, a metal bottle, or flask, has its benefits. For one thing, it will keep the temperature of the water more than a glass or mug would.

For another, it will keep dust and microbes out of the water. This is particularly beneficial if you usually keep a glass of water on your bedside table while sleeping.


Get a HEPA air filter (and open the windows daily)

A HEPA filter is a filter designed to purify the air in your home of allergens, contaminants, and particles. The name HEPA is an acronym standing for High-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter).

A true HEPA filter will tackle many of the common airborne toxins and irritants found in a home, including pet hair, dust mites, and mould spores. Though you may dust and vacuum the house obsessively, it is highly likely that a number of these contaminants are still floating around.

In addition to setting up a HEPA air filter, it is also a great idea to open the windows of your house every day for at least half an hour or so. This will allow proper air circulation and will replace stale air from inside with fresh air from the outdoors.

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