How Dog Owner Can Keep Their Home Fresh

How Dog Owner Can Keep Their Home Fresh

There are many wonderful things about being a dog mum. However, the smell that sometimes lingers around the house isn’t one of them. The good news is it is totally possible to enjoy having a dog in your home, without needing to worry about the smell. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Invest in an odour-resistant dog bed 

One of the biggest culprits for dog smells in the home is their bed. After all, they spend a great deal of time there and unlike our human beds, they don’t have sheets and bedding that gets changed regularly. 

Of course, one way to get around this is to have two dog beds in rotation. Then you can get one washed and dried why your pup is using the other. However, do remember that you will need to remove most of their hair before you pop the bed in the washing machine, otherwise, it can clog up your appliances and end up on your clothes as you wash them. 

Another smart move is to invest in a bed like the ones from Pawpedics that are specifically designed to be odour resistant. Indeed, the breathable latex layer on these beds isn’t only odour resistant but also supremely comfortable for your dog as well.

Book your pup in for regular grooming 

Regular grooming of your dog is essential if you want to keep smells to a minimum. Of course, bathing your dog at home can be quite a challenge, especially if they aren’t a fan and leave soggy puddles all over the house. 

With that in mind getting your dog to a professional groomer regularly is a great idea. Indeed, as they are groomed dirt, dead skin, and oil that could be causing odors will be removed. Although it is worth noting that you should bathe your dog more than once a month, as this may dry out their skin and cause problems for them. 

Swap carpets for wooden floors

As a textile, carpets have a great deal of potential to trap dirt and odors, which is bad news if you have a dog. Of course, you can get your carpets deep cleaned regularly. However, it is often much easier to swap to wooden floors instead. 

After all, with wooden floors cleaning spills, keeping them dust and hair-free, and regularly cleaning and disinfecting them is far easier. All, good things when you have a dog in your home. 

Choose a HEPA vacuum

Traditional vacuums suck up dirt and debris, but for small particles they aren’t so effective, something that means smells can continue to linger. Happily, there are some ways around this problem. First of all, investing in a vacuum that has a HEPA filter can be a smart idea. 

This is because HEPA filters are made from a fine mesh of glass fibers which help to trap much smaller particles. In fact, by using a HEPA filter you can significantly minimize both smells and bacteria from your pet in your home. Not to mention, allergens like dander! 

Additionally, you may also wish to use a charcoal filter in your vacuum. The great thing about these is that charcoal is amazing at absorbing odors, something that can help your home to stay smelling fresh and clean, even when your dog lives in it with you.

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