5 Tricks For Coffee Lovers To Become More Environment Friendly

5 Tricks for Coffee Lovers to Become More Environment Friendly

Coffee pods are an extremely convenient way to prepare a cup of coffee. They provide an effortless way to make coffee any time of the day. From making your first cup of coffee to cleaning up, having a pod machine is so much faster than using a traditional brewer. But can you imagine all those used pods going straight to the landfill? The tiny pieces of plastic cups contain ground-up coffee, leaving you with no option but to toss them in the bin. However, you can start using the best reusable K-cup pods that are much more eco-friendly.

If you are environmentally conscious and wish to enjoy the convenience of a coffee pod, there are many things you can do.

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1. Use a Reusable Coffee Pod

Reusable pods work just like conventional pods, except reusable pods can be used repeatedly. Some reusable pods are made from steel, while others are plastic. The plastic versions are often BPA-free, making them a much safer food-grade option. Nowadays, you can find reusable coffee pods that look just like single-serve packs. These reusable coffee pods are becoming easier to find in stores and online. When you shop for one, you will get to see many different types of reusable pods. Several companies produce their pod brand. However, there can be compatibility issues when using pods from a brand that is different from a coffee machine’s brand.

2. Use A Compostable Pod

Another option is to use compostable pods in your single-serve coffee maker. These pods are primarily made from natural ingredients and can be composted in the green bins. They will not hamper the worms or other organisms that live inside your compost bin. While not all pods are recyclable, the compostable ones can typically be tossed in with
your food and yard waste. There is no need for any particular bins because they will decompose naturally like the rest of your organic matter.

3. Use Reusable Filters With Regular Pods

If you use a traditional coffee maker that uses disposable paper filters, there is a way to be more environmentally friendly. Use reusable filters, such as the best reusable K-cup pods that are designed for Keurig machines. It will save you money over time and reduce the amount of waste produced by your coffee drinking habit.

4. Keep The Metal Lid From Your Non-Compostable Pods

Metal lids and plastic pods do not go together. So rather than throwing them away, try reusing metal lids from your pods and store loose leaf teas. They are perfect for storing your favourite tea bags. Gradually, you will realize the reduction in waste you made through this step.

5. Use Refillable Milk Pods

If you are a big fan of flavoured coffee drinks, such as caramel macchiatos and raspberry mochas, you can enjoy these tasty beverages without wasting any pods. Use refillable milk pods to mix up your favourite flavours of powder-based syrups with half-and-half or whole milk. This method will cut back on your cost and waste produced by your new coffee pod machine. These simple tricks can go a long way to help you become more environmentally friendly without sacrificing convenience and leisure time. Consider using some of them next time you get ready for work in the morning or host friends and family for brunch.

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