4 Tips To Help Organise Your Home Renovation Plans

4 Tips To Help Organise Your Home Renovation Plans

Watch Grand Designs or Location Location Location, and you might assume that renovation happens in the blink of an eye. That’s what a timelapse can do, hence the phrase “movie magic”. The reality is different. Without a high level of organisation, there’s a healthy chance that your plans will crumble.

Considering the time and money you expect to invest in your home, this is the last thing you want because wastage is no good for anyone. Therefore, you and your partner must stick to a tight budget when renovating your first home. Here are four you shouldn’t forget.


Funding is a tricky subject. You hate the idea that your lifestyle revolves around money, yet it’s naive to assume you can complete a project on a tight budget. Generally, you need at least 10% on top of what you already have earmarked for the job. Finding ways to keep the contractors paid is essential, and it’s something you want to take care of from the outset. Sourcing the cash halfway through is challenging and stressful. If you can’t think of ways to pay for your remodel project, you can use these:

  • Cash & liquid assets
  • Sweat equity
  • Zero-interest loans
  • Home equity loan
  • Low-interest credit cards

Hopefully, the above will supply you with affordable lines of credit to ensure your renovation is completed.

floor plan

Contractors & Subcontractors

Don’t settle on the first contractors you come across. The best people for the job are often a mix of skilled and affordable. Of course, you can’t tell whether they are either until you’ve shopped around and asked for quotes. Expertise-wise, reviews and recommendations are brilliant at weeding out the men from the boys because previous customers are unbiased. You also want to hire them based on the jobs they are doing. Some roles you can do yourself, which is why it’s smart to make a list of the tasks you’re leaving to the professionals. If you are thinking of replacing your roof, I can recommend knoxrc.com/boise-roofing-contractor/.

Free App

Typically, property owners write down their plans anywhere they can, such as on a napkin or a scrap piece of paper. Anything that lets you flesh out the ideas in your mind is an asset. Plus, hiring an architect is expensive and not always feasible. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to use the most basic weapons to plan. Instead, a free room design web app will give you the freedom to create complicated blueprints without having to fork out a fortune and take a chunk out of your budget.


Finally, speak to the council or your local authority about securing permits. Planning permission could be vital, so if you don’t have it, the project might be stopped before it’s started. If you’re unsure, you can check the regulations online or speak to a solicitor who specialises in the area. However, the easiest option is to communicate with the council. Not only will they tell you whether you require permission to renovate, but they’ll advise you about the chances of securing permits.

As always, organisation is a must if you want your project to go smoothly. With these tips, that should be more likely.

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