How To Show Your Bestie You Love Her

How To Show Your Bestie You Love Her

Best friends. Sisters for life. The person you turn to when life is going wrong – and when it’s going right. Your best friend is there to see your highs and lows, and she’s there to be with you through thick and thin. It’s why she is called your bestie, right? The thing is, there has to be appreciation for her from time to time, and sometimes it takes more than words to show your best friend how much you love her.

Your best friend knows your authentic self. She will hold your hair back while you puke, and she will accept you in all your weirdness no matter what. You can shower her with Trollbeads Jewellery and clothes, trips out and treats, but there is so much more to show her how much you love her. You appreciate her and you feel thankful for who she is in your life. You believe that you have this amazing human in your life right now and you would be right! You do need to let her know just how much she means to you, and below we’ve got a few suggestions of how you can show your best friend just why you love her so much. Let’s take a look.

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  • Put her first. Your best friend should be a priority in your life, and that means that you should put her as a priority above most other things in life. She should be as important to you as a partner. If she’s in the middle of a crisis and calls you in tears, you give her your time. If you’re about to leave for work and she calls, switch to headphones and take that call. Your true friend needs your attention in that moment, and even when that moment is less than convenient, it’s vital that you give her the attention that she needs from you. She needs to know you’re there.
  • Be real with her. You do not need to be on your phone while you’re out for dinner together. Your best friend deserves for you to communicate with her properly, so put the phone down and give her your undivided attention. You are physically in her presence, so unless something is emergent, you do not need to be online or scrolling your social media feed – you need to give your best friend your attention. Technology can ruin relationships and you do not want this one ruined! Make a rule that the first person to check their phone covers the bill, and if you both win, you split!
  • Be by her side. Most of our friends are ambitious and when yours has huge goals she wants to hit, be by her side as she aims for those goals. She needs to reach for the sky, and you are there to be the wind beneath her wings. Help her to study, to brainstorm for a presentation, to confront a demon. If you do these things, you’re going to help her to see just how appreciated she is.
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