7 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Family And Home

7 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect Your Family And Home

Wanting to keep your family and home as safe as possible is something everybody wants to do – but are you taking the steps outlined below? Read on if you want to be sure that you’re taking every step to keep your family and home safe: 

  1. Not Putting Every Little Thing On Social Media

It’s all too common nowadays for people to put everything on social media. When they’re going on holiday, where they’re going on holiday, and so much more. However, doing this could be putting your family at risk. Do you really know who is viewing your social profiles? It’s a good idea to keep information like this off Facebook until you’re home. 


2. Installing Safety Measures 

Installing safety measures is always going to be the number one most important thing if you want to protect your family and home. You should consider installing CCTV, or at least fake CCTV as a deterrent. You should also consider a smart alarm system so you can be alerted to any issues when you’re not in the house. Other things you may want to consider installing include:


Stronger locks on the doors and windows 

A lock on your wi fi network 

Locks and alarms on your garage 

3. Child Proofing 

Your home should be thoroughly childproofed if you want to protect your family – obviously, this is best if you have young kids. Childproofing should be done before your kids can crawl, as it’s so easy for them to get into everything once they are on the move. Make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute because one day they can just start crawling and you’ll have to be so on guard that you may not find the time to childproof your home!

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4. Hiring Help Before Things Get Out Of Hand 

If you notice issues with your home, stop telling yourself you’re going to sort them if you just keep moving it down your list of priorities. Hiring help before things get out of hand is crucial. 

Pest control should be called the second you notice any issues with pests, for example. Don’t try to fix it yourself as you’ll end up spending more when the issue gets worse. If you know a certain room in your home needs a deep clean, hiring help to do this could be a good idea, too. Keeping up with your family can be a nightmare when you have chores on top, so hiring help could be the smartest thing to do. 

5. Practising Safety Drills 

Practising safety drills might seem extreme, but even toddlers can remember basic instructions. Doing this could save your life in an emergency. At the very least, teach your kids to lay next to their beds in the event of a fire. 

6. Get To Know Your Neighbors

If you get to know your neighbours, you can look out for one another when you’re out or on vacation. 

7. Get A Dog 

A dog is only a good idea if one would suit your lifestyle, but they can be brilliant companions and deterrents!

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