8 Exciting Ways To Add More Sophistication To Your Living Room

8 Exciting Ways To Add More Sophistication To Your Living Room

We’d all like our interiors to be the epitome of style and sophistication. But, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Our living rooms wind up looking bland, generic, messy and lacking character.

Fortunately, as we explain in this post, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of things that you can do to add sophistication to your lounge areas. Check them out below:


Install A Bookcase

If you’ve ever been privy to a sophisticated living room in a country manor, bookcases are one of the first things you notice. They’re half practical, half decorative. 

If you want to install a bookcase in your living room, make sure that the books all look similar. If you need to get them rebound so that they match, then please do. 

If that’s not an option, you can get a cabinet bookcase. These usually have glass panes that partially show and partially obscure the tomes within. 

Add Pillows

Sophisticated living rooms also use pillows to give them more volume. You want thick, plump cushions that give your spaces a sense of texture. Place them on your seating to provide accents.

To make your living room look extra opulent, try experimenting with silk and satin pillows. These are a relatively inexpensive way to elevate the atmosphere in your lounge areas.

You can also opt for cozy pillows with minimal designs. Pillows in warm or cool neutral tones are perfect for whatever home style you plan to achieve. They can go together with rustic and wooden, modern, or contemporary furniture pieces. Hence, you don’t have to worry about matching them with your new furnishings and appliances. Apart from pillows, throw blankets can be an excellent addition to your living area.

Arrange Family Portraits On The Wall

Another tactic is to arrange family portraits on the wall. The larger, the better. 

In stately homes, wealthy families used to commission artists to paint their portraits which they would then hang up. Often, they would add to their collections, generation after generation, filling hallways and stairwells. 

You can do something similar, but with photographs. Place them next to your stairs or either side of your mantelpiece. 

Invest In Your Seating

Even if the rest of your living room looks perfect, an old couch can drag it down. Sunken arms, broken frames, and dull fabrics spoil the mood. 

If you’re looking to create a sophisticated living room aesthetic, opt for Italian leather sofas. Not only do they look stunning, but they also ooze quality as well. Guests will immediately be able to tell that they’re walking into an opulent room.

Use Long Drapes

long drapes

Long drapes are another hallmark of a sophisticated living room. In many cases, they hang longer than the distance from the rail to the floor, collecting in a puddle at the bottom.

When choosing drapes, look for silk and satin fabrics. Cheaper options don’t look as good. Just make sure that you keep pets away from the curtains as they may damage them with their claws. 

Choose An Elegant Colour Palette

Taking your living room up a notch also requires choosing a more elegant colour palette. Luxury lounges often use understated shades to great effect. 

When it comes to luxury, go for bronze, gold, beige, silver, white, and creams. Using the colours, with the odd fleck of black here and there, immediately elevates the atmosphere of the room and brings it to the next level. All of sudden, it looks elegant and sophisticated, even when it didn’t before.

Include Architectural Elements In The Design

Something that you’ll notice about all true luxury living rooms is that they include architectural elements in the design. 

The rationale behind this is quite simple: people spend a lot of time in living rooms observing the interior, so it makes sense to include architectural elements in the flow of the décor. 

Perhaps the easiest way to mimic this in a conventional living room is to stick crown moulding pieces to the edges of the ceilings. This way, you can avoid the high cost of conventional stucco and still get the look that you want. 

Another option is to invest in a mantelpiece or surround for the fireplace. Again, more luxurious homes tend to emphasise this feature of the room and use materials such as marble in the design. 

You might also want to add extra trim to the window sill or skirting boards. These aren’t exactly architectural elements, but they do help bring your rooms to life. 

Add Reflective Surfaces

Lastly, you’ll notice that many of the most sophisticated living rooms that you see in magazines have reflective surfaces. Yes, this includes mirrors, but it also incorporates metals as well, particularly gold and silver. 

For instance, to make your rooms look more opulent, try adding gold-plated vases to your tables and sideboards. These will reflect incoming light and then scatter it around the room, creating a sparkling effect. You can also buy furniture that incorporates reflective elements, such as mirror cabinets or add entertainment centers from Nathan James collections.

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