A Relaxing Guide to Creating the Best Living Room

There is a balancing act when you are decorating your living room. Of course, you want it to look attractive, but you also want it to have a relaxed and welcoming feel. Those living rooms in catalogues look great, but you would probably be afraid to ever put your feet up on the sofa if you ever actually lived there! If you are struggling for inspiration, we are going to be talking you through a few of the ways that you can craft your living room environment here.


Decide On A Focal Point

The decoration of a living room should centre around a focal point which you pick out. There are a number of different possible focal points including a fireplace, a mantlepiece or a work of art. Of course, the most popular focal point is a big screen TV, but if this is your favourite way of relaxing, you shouldn’t be ashamed of this! Your furniture should be organised around this point in a social way which encourages conversation between your guests.

Move Things Away From The Wall

Following on from the previous point, you don’t want to position all of your furniture by the walls as this is going to leave your guests shouting across at each other in order to get heard. You also want to leave enough of a gap between the pieces so that people can move from one side of the room to the other without too much difficulty. If you are looking for some great furniture pieces, check out these leather chesterfield sofas. After all, these should be the most practical and attractive items in the room.

Light The Way

If you only have a single overhead light, you do not give yourself the opportunity to adjust the lighting depending on the mood. You should also have some lamps and other task lighting for reading and social evening events. You could also install a dimmer switch to ensure that the overhead lighting is not too harsh and distracting.

Declutter And Choose Decent Storage Space

The whole point of your living room is that it is supposed to be relaxing, and this is never going to be the case if you are greeted by a mountain of clutter whenever you step through the door. Start by getting rid of any items which are no longer of use or don’t offer any sentimental value. For the things that you do want to keep, it is worth getting a range of storage space in which you can keep it all.

Define Your Areas

living room

Area rugs are the best way to clearly define your conversation and seating areas. Adding visual definition to the space, they can either be plain or patterned depending on your preferences and the rest of the items you have in the room.

Often, it is the small personal details which really add character to a living room and make it a particularly inviting space for both you and your guests.

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