Easy Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

Easy Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

Gravity does more than keep us grounded; it can also weigh heavily on our hair, preventing us from easily achieving bouncy, voluminous strands. When it comes to hair volume, some people find it easier to attain, while others need a little extra boost. Don’t let gravity keep you down, even though, generally, your hair’s natural volume is something you might not be able to control. Hair stylists have found a number of hacks that enable you to easily obtain your dream hair. This post reveals some easy ways to do this in the comfort of your home. 

Get a professional cut

professional hair cut


 Sometimes your hair loses its volume simply because of spots and thinning ends. Luckily, hairdressers are wizards at transforming lifeless locks into working pieces of art. A good cut done by a skilled hair professional is a great way to uplift flat-looking hair and achieve fullness for days. If your hair is naturally thin, curly, or straight, your best bet will be a short hairstyle, much like a bob or lob. For naturally straight hair, consider getting your cut in layers with clip in extensions to create body and movement without leaving the bottom part of your hair looking thin. 

Invest in volumizing products

There are many products you’re likely to use for your hair, but the most relevant ones remain your shampoo and conditioner. Hair stylists and hair care experts advise using shampoos and conditioners with volumizing benefits to achieve added volume. Many volumizing products are constructed to thoroughly cleanse your hair, leaving it light in weight and less likely to fall flat. A bonus is the maximum body your strands receive, which leaves your hair looking full at all times. 

Blow dry your hair

blow drying hair 

This tip might leave some natural hair enthusiasts quizzical, but it is true; blow drying your hair is known to give it additional body and volume. This is not to say that without blow drying, you cannot achieve voluminous hair. Blow drying or heat styling should be done after your wash. It is best to blow dry the hair upside down for the full volume effect. The upside-down technique was chosen because it promotes lift at the roots, resulting in fullness.

When blow-drying, comb in between, from the root, and aim your nozzle upwards beneath your hair. Don’t forget to end your blow-drying session with a blast of cool air, the final recipe to achieving ultimate fullness. 

Dry your hair carefully

This is a tip for those not interested in heat styling. If you are highly prone to heat damage, you can still easily achieve fullness. The key is to be gentle when blotting your hair. Instead of rubbing your hair with a towel, blot it slowly and gently, following it up with a thickening cream. Apply the cream along the length of your hair and leave it to air dry. 

If you’re not ready for a full wash day but still need the voluminous look, opt for a dry shampoo that cleanses and eliminates odours and oils. 

There are several ways to revive thin, flat-looking hair into full-bodied strands so you don’t have to let gravity win again.

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