A Fun to Have Indoor Cycling App

A Fun to Have Indoor Cycling App

Have you installed Vingo on your phone yet? Because, if you haven’t, hurry. This amazing Indoor cycling app is transforming the lives of many and you should share the joy too.

Vingo is a virtual reality fitness app designed to turn your cycling time into an adventure. You can use the app with your training bike and get the outdoor feels from it. Here are some features that will make you love the app.

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Vingo Comes With Exciting Features

The app’s primary feature is virtual reality. All the maps and locations in the app are digitally designed using the real famous spots as the base. You can experience VR with just a flat-screen device placed before your training bike. You can then select your favourite location and cycle into it.

You can spice up your ride by changing the hardness settings and setting up challenges for yourself too. This way you can reach your target weight loss goals or even get in shape in a short time.

Create Your Own Personalised Avatar

You can also create your own digital image using the app. Just upload your selfie and let it create your avatar. You can then add colourful outfits to yourself, you can also add different equipment and even your pet dog to your avatar. You can get advanced outfits and companions by improving the levels in the app. Whenever you achieve a specific target, you will be awarded with upgrades and level ups. 

Since you are going on an Indoor cycling trip in the virtual world, it is very necessary that you dress up your avatar well. This is because your avatar will be visible to all the people sharing your map online.

Ease of Connecting with Social Media

With the Vingo app, you can connect all your social media accounts and post your daily progress online. This will keep you motivated every day. Once you connect your accounts you can also go live from your phones and tell your followers how much you sweat out every day to stay fit. This will always inspire people to follow you more.

Even more, you can spread the joy of Online cycling to your friends and help them get fit too.

Save Your Progress & Resume

The app is very sophisticated. Its AI will monitor your progress second by second. This means, you don’t have to worry about saving your progress like you do with your video games. All your progress is saved automatically and you can continue where you leave off every day.

You can set your target goals on the app and let it monitor your progress. It will also suggest ways to improve too.

All These Comes with a Free for a year Account

The best part about all this is that you can get to enjoy all the app’s features for free. This amazing app for running and cycling is open for all. You can create your own account and access all its premium features until the end of this year. Hurry up.

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