A Guide To Transforming Your Garden Into The Perfect Zen Space

A Guide To Transforming Your Garden Into The Perfect Zen Space

If you want to turn your garden into the perfect place for you to meditate and reflect, you’ve come to the right place. The advice here will help you to transform your garden into the perfect zen space, so you have somewhere to sit, breathe deeply, and experience real calm. 

Read on to learn how to do this:

Give Yourself Somewhere Special To Sit

You need somewhere special to sit in your garden, whether this is a bench or a garden swing. This is where you can sit and reflect when you need some peace or ‘you’ time. If you’d like to make it so that those you love can sit and reflect with you, then you’ll need to make sure you have more than one seating option. Make sure that the furniture will withstand most weather conditions and that you can protect it when the weather is particularly bad. Cushions should be plush and comfortable. You could even have a basket of throws outside nearby for cooler evenings! 

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Add A Water Feature

A water feature is essential if you want to create a zen space. Watching the flowing water can put you in sort of a meditative state while listening to it can bring on some serious relaxation. It doesn’t have to be huge, either. There are many options to choose from, such as fountains and waterfalls.  

Ensure You Have The Right Textures 

Having the right texture in your garden is key. Bamboo will look great, and moss is a wonderful addition too. You could plant a mossy patch at the centre of your rock creation. It’ll grow where other plants don’t, so it can even be a good replacement for grass on poor quality soil. It’ll feel nice on your feet if you want to go out barefoot, too! You may need to get rid of some textures in your quest to find the right textures. Investing in tree cutting may be necessary if you have trees in your garden that pose a hazard, or are imposing on your neighbour’s gardens. However, in most circumstances, shrubs, bushes, and trees can offer lots of privacy. 

Create A Gravel Garden 

The gravel garden is the centrepiece of every Zen space. Small gravel stones and larger stones with some moss will give you something nice to look at – plus you can rake it when you need to focus on nothing for a while. 

Give Yourself Somewhere To Sit In the Shade

Having some cheap yet attractive shade sails will give you somewhere to shield yourself from the bright sun if you need it. They can be put up and taken down very quickly and should also add an element of style to your garden as they can be attractive. They could become your next focal point, all without overpowering your garden. 

Transforming your garden into a zen space can be a lot of fun, and afterwards, you’ll have somewhere perfect to sit and think. Leave any of your own tips below! You can read more of my home and garden-related posts here.

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