April Favourites – Lovely Things I’ve Loved In April 2017

April favourites

Hey!  How on it am I?  It’s barely the first day of May and I’m ready to share my April monthly favourites with you all already.  It’s been quite easy this month.  I have some lovely things to share with you from April.  They’re in no particular order:


tadpole closeup

Whilst pootling round the farm, we came across a puddle swimming with tadpoles.  Puddles dry up and the tractor needed to pass through the puddle so I, along with a friend, scooped up as many tadpoles as we could (whilst our partners watched on, with amusement, might I add!).

I’ve now got a little tank in my dining room and I’ve bought them some plants.  I can spend hours watching them wiggle their way around the tank.  Fun fact, they poop a lot.  We’re going to have to construct some sort of pond in the garden ready for when they become froglets (which takes longer than I thought!).  Tadpoles are delightful little things.  They’re cute, easy and entertaining and I’m really enjoying having them at home.  I noticed today that their little legs are starting to grow, although they’re less than a millimetre long so far.


dog in bluebells

One of my favourites things to do in the spring is walk amongst the bluebells.  I love that bluebells create a beautifully fragrant carpet for easter woodland walks.  They’re such delicate, pretty little flowers.  Did you know their sap used to be used to bind pages into books?  They provide essential sustenance for bees in early spring.  They can cause skin irritation to some people and they’re actually poisonous to humans and animals if ingested, so best to enjoy them with just your eyes and nose.


love Homeland

Oh, my goodness!!  I don’t often watch TV but I’ve binge watched six seasons of the Homeland TV series this month and have loved it!  It’s an American spy thriller starring Claire Danes as CIA agent Carrie Mathison with bipolar disorder.  Whilst battling with her mental illness, Carrie is ruthless in exposing the truth and fighting the war on terror.  The plot line from each series really draws the viewer in.  Obviously, there are a few love stories thrown into the mix too.  Oh, Brodie…  I don’t want to say too much about it because, if you haven’t already watched it, I’d highly recommend you do so.  It’s edge of your seat, yelling at the TV entertainment.  Now I’ve finished watching it, I feel a large Homeland shaped whole in my evenings.


no count chick peas

Yep.  Chickpeas.  I know this may seem like an odd one, but I’m currently following the Weight Watchers “no count” plan at the moment.  I’m really enjoying it and have been making some interesting food stuff in the last week.  Something I have become a teeny bit addicted to is baked chickpeas.  I use the tinned variety, drain and rinse them, add a sprinkling of garlic powder and a couple of pinches of chilli flakes and a couple of twists of Himalayan rock salt and spray them with some olive oil.  You then bake them for around an hour at 180 degrees (where’s the degrees icon???), giving them a shake every 15 minutes.  They’re yummy hot or cold.  A great alternative to [insert your favourite munchies] crisps.  I like to pop a few into a ramekin and pick at them throughout the evening.

Lyme RegisLyme Regis

On a rare day that I’m able to make it as far as the coast, Lyme Regis is one of my very favourite places in the World.  It’s a quintessential English seaside town.  So stunningly beautiful and where Jane Austin was reported to have written many of her books.

The afternoon that we went there, it was really busy so we had to stop every few paces so people could make a fuss of Bubba Gump.  Understandable being that she is completely adorable.  It was the Easter holidays so it’s really no surprise.

There’s something about being beside the sea, breathing the fresh air, watching people going about their day, children and dogs frolicking in the water and the sound of the seagulls.  It makes me feel so at peace and happy (unless I’m panicking – I don’t feel very at peace at all then!).

 A Little Life Of Lovely

A Little Life Of Lovely

I’m thrilled to bits that my eleven-year-old daughter, LissyLu, has joined me in blogging with her A Little Life Of Lovely posts.  I adore seeing her sitting at her laptop creating her posts and talking things through with her.  I really look forward to seeing what she chooses to write about each time.  I’ve told her that she needs to write a minimum of two posts per month, along with her monthly favourites, and she’s quite happy with that.


chicks and chickens

I’m a self-confessed crazy chicken lady.  I adore my chickens.  This month, I’ve moved my hens from my back garden to the farm.  I wanted them to have fresh grass and more room and roam in.  I’ve also bought six more chicks.  Three different varieties.  They’re completely adorable but too small to put in with my hens at the moment.  I can’t wait to watch them grow, cuddle them and enjoy their fresh eggs.

Lambs & Sheep

cute lamb

As I have currently attained fat pasty status, I asked Mr Lovely to not buy me an easter egg.  I was reading recently that easter is becoming like a second Christmas for some families.  I do not need a second Christmas.  Not only that, I feel like the actual meaning is getting a bit lost.  Anyway, I digress…

So, Mr Lovely bought me a flock of sheep!  How lucky am I?!  I adore sheep and I’m loving spending time tending to my flock, moving them on to fresh grass each week, castrating them, feeding them, taking them fresh water each day.  I just love them.  Lambs are extremely entertaining, leaping about and learning new things.

I’m not going to tell Mr Lovely this, but I think he may have been a bit daft by buying me the flock of sheep because he thinks we’re rearing animals to eat.  I don’t want to eat them.  I love looking after them so they won’t be food.  Friends not food.

Easterhappy family easter

Whilst I don’t need a second Christmas, I do really love our Easters.  Mine and my best friend’s family join together, as with all special occasions.  We enjoy a huge Eastermas dinner with turkey, roast potatoes and all the trimmings.  There was even Pass The Sprout this year (similar to the game pass the parcel).  There was lots of deliciousness and merriment.  It was also my Step Daughter’s twelvth birthday, so it was an extra special day this year.

Easter cheesecake

School Holidays

happy family

I loved having the children off of school for two weeks, during the easter holidays.  We spent real quality time together and enjoyed each others company.  I felt like the two weeks went far too quickly!  I am so thankful to have such an amazing and loving family ❤️

There are many more things that I could have included in my April favourites and, if you’ve made it this far without falling asleep, I congratulate you.  I’ll try and condense it down a little next time.  Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear the things you’ve loved, or if you’ve tried any of the things I’ve enjoyed this month in the comments.

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  1. says: Theresa Alison

    I love your stance on Sheep wonderful idea to rear them and save them from the dinner plate not all should be destined to a life of filling our bellies 🙂

  2. says: Megan

    great list! especially love the part about the chickpeas. I’m trying to lose weight for going on holiday but have a severe crisp addiction! i agree, they are a perfect alternative – still giving that crunch and savoury flavour 🙂

  3. says: Kate Davies

    Lovely post and how lucky are you getting a flock of sheep! I love the chick pea idea, going to try that to stop me nibbling on my sons leftover Easter eggs.

    1. I’ve been baking all sorts of no count lovelies since then. Still loving the chickpeas but also loving no count carrot cake, and whilst I’m typing this, I have fakewell tarts in the oven. Yummy!

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