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I need to lose weight.  Last week I attended a Weight Watchers meeting.  This is not a sponsored post, incidentally, it’s just me raving about something that I find is good.  I’ve steadily been piling on the pounds over the last few years.  This has been caused by a number of reasons.  Contributing factors are changing medications, quitting smoking, along with getting older and my metabolism not being as fast as it used to be.  Also overindulgence.  Let’s not ignore the most basic cause of weight gain.  I’ve obviously been eating too much and exercising too little.  My last summer’s clothes have stopped fitting me and it’s got to a point where I am very uncomfortable with my size.

There are supplements that you can take to help with weight loss.  It’s a good idea to shop around.  I’ve discovered some rather wonderful supplements that you can read the Nucific Bio X4 reviews for.

My First Week

If you’ve come across this post, it’s quite likely that you’re a bit of a tubby buddy too.  I don’t know if you find the same thing, but as soon as my brain gets wind of the fact that I want to lose weight, it conspires with my will power and cravings to make me feel like I want to devour the entirety of Somerset.  What is that about?

weight watchers before and afterMy best friend is a very excellent Weight Watchers coach and I’ll continue to attend her local meetings.  If you’re in the South West, this is Tor’s Facebook page.  Look at Tor’s before and after photos (on the left).  She’s completely beautiful in BOTH photos, however, in her second photo, she is also healthy.  Very important.

I find the way to be successful and consistent with weight loss is to, firstly, want it and secondly, not leave things to chance.  Plan, plan, plan!  Be like a good girl guide and always be prepared.

This week I’ve flittered between not knowing what to eat or not having prepared by going shopping, therefore going hungry or being totally on point and walking around feeling very smug and self-righteous.

The.  Struggle.  Is.  Real.

One thing I did do was bake a couple of tins of chickpeas for an hour or so.  These made a handy and surprisingly tasty snack for evening Homeland viewing.

Upping My Game

I have not been prepared enough this week.  I have been pretty rubbish.  I’ve tried to meal plan but it hasn’t been enough.  It hasn’t been enough because my meal plan consisted of one (amazing) dinner recipe from the Smart Kitchen recipe book and a list of potential dinners that, when it came to the day, I didn’t fancy.

I know exactly what I need to do.

Here are some tips to lost weight whilst being healthy and not starving yourself:

Join Weight Watchers – There’s a reason why they’re a Worldwide success.  Their plans are carefully and scientifically tailored for health and convenience

➺ Enlist a friend to join you in your quest.  You’re more likely to lose weight if you have the encouragement and support of a friend to tell you to step away from the chocolate brownies

➻Plan your meals – Don’t leave tomorrow’s menu to chance.  Deciding what to eat when you’re hangry (hungry to the point of anger) is when bad decisions are likely to be made

➺ Don’t deprive yourself – With Weight Watchers nothing is off limits.  A little of what you fancy does you good

➻ If you like to graze in the evenings, do so.  Make sure you have healthy snacks that aren’t packed full of chunky monkey ingredients to chow down on

➺ If you have a super unhealthy meal/day don’t allow it to be a reason to stay off track for the whole week, track it and stay with it.  Tomorrow is a new day

➻ Fill up on foods that are zero points – get your fruits and vegetables in you before you graze elsewhere

➺ Sip a glass of water during mealtimes.  This allows your time to process your meal and fill fuller without over eating

➻ Eat Mindfully – Eat like a Budha, don’t look like one!  When you’re eating, allow yourself time to actually taste your food.  Switch off electronic devices and enjoy what you’re eating

➺ Go to the weekly meeting.  You can be a Weight Watchers member online, but by attending the meeting, it gives you the motivation to stay on track and you get the fellowship.  Why do you think alcoholics attend AA meetings regularly?  The fellowship.

My Next Week

My plan is to have a very serious go at the No Count method over the course of the next week.  I suspect, for me, it’s the best way forward.  I’m going to download a list of foods that are “No Count” and meal plan around them. I’m pretty rubbish at tracking so having a whole list of foods I can plan around and graze on is a good option for me.If anyone is particularly interested, I’m more than happy to write a post on what I eat in a day/week.  Just remember, you’re not the only on this journey.

I’ve been stalking various Weight Watchers related hashtags on Instagram over the last few days.  It’s given me yet more inspiration.  If you have an Instagram account, say hi to me.

If anyone is particularly interested, I’m more than happy to write a post on what I eat in a day/week.  Just remember, you’re not the only on this journey.

You can join Weight Watchers here.

? By the way, Wednesday is my weigh day and I lost 3lbs this week.  Yes!!!!!!! ?

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    I feel exactly the same as you! None of my last summer clothes fit me, it’s very depressing, going to have to do something about it

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