Are Exteriors And Interiors A Battle Of Opposites?

Are Exteriors And Interiors A Battle Of Opposites?

On the inside we want our home to be warm and fuzzy, and on the outside, we need to be rough and tough. It’s a strange paradox to consider, but a tough home looks inviting. A withered rotting and falling apart exterior looks like it will crumble at any second. Whereas a solid wall, roof and water clearing system looks like it will keep the harshness of the elements at bay. Yet when we’re inside the home, we would like our interiors to be soft and malleable so we can fit them like a glove. In order to facilitate this paradox, you have to think in opposites. For every feature of the home that is on the interior, it first began its conception on the exterior. The simple switch that occurred was that the interior features were made to fit form rather than function.




Coving And Guttering 

If you stand at the edge of your ground floor room, be it the room that looks out onto the back garden, you’ll notice this battle of opposites up close. Look up, and you will more than likely see coving. This is something that is done to kill the squarish look of a room and curve out the edges. Coving can be made of something simple like foam, and on the other hand, it can be made out of stone or clay. It’s the only contribution to the home is to soften the profile of a room.


As coving is done at the ceiling of a room guttering is done at the tall end of the house itself. It’s the only contribution to the home is to act as protection against water build-up. Rain slides down off the roof tiles or shinglings and drops over the edge of the home. Without guttering, this can cause the garden to have standing pools of water everywhere. This not only damages the grass and stoning but makes going outside a hazard.



Stoning’s Style And Function

Are the floors of our homes important to us? This has been a hot topic in the interior design world for a very long time. Some say only someone who is really interior the art and meaning of home design would care and this means, it’s a 1% fan club. The basic need is for the floor to be strong and be the least of our problems in daily life.

Stoning for the outside driveway and or garden is very popular. Not only do you not have to worry about mowing the damned lawn again, but it looks grandiose and sophisticated. The basic and fundamental role stoning plays are to provide support to your parked car. It must also funnel rainwater toward the drains and keep the pathway clear to and from your front and back doors. Yet it’s also a status symbol as it’s a costly thing to do to your home and wherever large amounts of money are involved, so will style and exuberance. The desire for expensive flooring used only to be considered relevant for the interior but it things as you can guess have changed.

There are clear differences between how exteriors and interiors are thought of. Sometimes it makes perfect sense for style never to impede function especially when it comes to the exterior. However, some attitudes do change over time which put the thesis that exteriors and interiors should remain opposites. Please note, this is a collaborated post. Please check out my other home-related posts. Thanks for reading.

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