Coping With Catastrophes: Home Edition

Coping With Catastrophes: Home Edition

Why is it that when we are running late, or have a really important meeting to get to something always goes wrong? If it’s not the washing machine, it’s a flat tire, or the freezer suddenly decides to defrost itself all over the kitchen floor. Sadly, we usually can’t avoid such catastrophes altogether, but there are some things we can do that will make surviving them easier. Just read on to find out what they are, and you too can cope with at least some of the possible home catastrophes that can happen, with ease.


You Lock Yourself Out Of The House

Locking yourself out of the house is no fun, trust me I know. You could find yourself in this situation because the key has broken off in the lock. You may have even been a bit confused and ended up posting the key back through the letterbox, even though there was no one in the house that could use it (Just don’t ask, OK? I was having a bad day!). However, no matter what scenarios you find yourself in you have but two choices to pick from.

old door lock with key

The first choice is what I like to call the daft person’s answer, and it’s to climb around the back and break a window. Something that will cost a lot to replace and could leave you with a nasty injury.

Instead, why not go with the sensible person’s answer to the being locked and call a professional like SJO Locksmith services to come and open the door properly? Such companies will come out at any time of the day or night too, something that means you don’t have to curl up and sleep on the doorstep until morning if you find yourself locked out after a night on the town.

door lock


The Washing Machine Breaks Down

Urgh, why do washing machines have to be so flipping temperamental? It seems like they are always on the blink, and then you get left with pile and pile of laundry, while the family ends up walking around in the same clothes for days on end!

washing machine

Luckily, there are some actions you can take when this happens. The first is to shut that washing machine down; it doesn’t matter how urgent the current wash is, electricity and water do not mix well, and if something is going wrong it isn’t worth risking it.

Next, you have three choices; the first is to repair the thing yourself. Something that is possible but can be hard and risky. The second is to call out a professional and get them to repair it for you. As a rule, you are probably looking at around £75 including parts, so if its relatively new machine it is probably worth going this route.

However is you washer is old and on its last legs, it may be a better investment to put that £75 towards a new one. You can even get one on a ‘buy now pay later’ plan from a catalogue which means you don’t have to stump up the full £250+ all at once! Then you will have a brand new washer to use, something that will significantly reduce your risk of foam and flood catastrophe in the kitchen for the foreseeable future.

Did you know last Friday was The Great British Spring Clean Day?  I did no cleaning that day…  Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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