How to Make Better Use of Vertical Space in Your Home

How to Make Better Use of Vertical Space in Your Home

When your home starts to look cluttered and cramped, it’s usually a sign that you need to clear up your home and throw unwanted things out to free up some space. Unfortunately, once you’ve done this a couple of times it can start to feel hopeless as you need more and more living space to enjoy your lifestyle. It’s not easy to add more floor space unless you’re willing to move or build an extension to your house, but there is another solution; vertical space.

Your ceilings and walls can be the perfect blank canvas for you to add extra storage and space for your everyday needs. However, it’s not common for people to think about how they can utilize vertical space, so in this article, we’ll be introducing a couple of tips to help you understand the advantages of vertical space.

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Add more shelves to your walls

You’ve likely got a couple of walls that are just bare in your home and could be utilized for more storage space, so we recommend adding a couple more shelves to the walls. You could get tall free-standing shelves if you can’t drill into the walls, but if you can then there are plenty of opportunities to add lots of extra storage to your home. If you have really tall walls then you may need a ladder if you plan to reach all the way up to the top, so we definitely don’t recommend storing anything important up there but archival boxes are fine.

If you don’t have much floor space to put a free standing shelf, then you could instead add shelves to the walls themselves. There are plenty of unique shelf designs out there and you’ll get plenty of extra storage space just by adding a few planks of wood if you’re feeling frugal. To make things a little more interesting, you could also add hooks or even magnets on the bottom of your shelves. This will add a little more undershelf storage and is a great place to hang things like coats, keys and even little pouches where you can place small items like video game controllers or TV remotes.

Make use of modular storage solutions

There are many furniture companies that offer excellent modular solutions that add a lot of convenience to your storage options. For instance, you could have shelves installed in different arrangements that are perfect for your needs, and the customization means you can swap out the shelves for a different style if you find that it doesn’t suit your needs anymore. There are many types of modular storage solutions but the most commonly involve parts that are very simple to swap out.

Because modular shelves are designed to be flexible, they’re very easy to move around and change as you see fit. For instance, stackable storage cabinets can be placed virtually anywhere in the home and they make excellent replacements for permanent storage solutions like heavy drawers. Their modularity allows them to be used effectively in different rooms too, such as in the bathroom for toiletries or in your bedroom as a wardrobe alternative.

However, when it comes to utilizing vertical space, you should be careful of stacking your furniture too high. All modular furniture comes with warnings about how high you can make the system, but some also come with brackets that can be bolted to a wall to add more stability for the entire storage system.

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Use more space-saving designs in your home

There are a surprising number of space-saving designs that you can now take advantage of. For example, the company Only Radiators has started to manufacture vertical radiators that can take advantage of taller ceilings. These radiators work in the same way as typical radiators, but they don’t take as much horizontal space despite still being able to provide the same heating efficiency.

In addition, there are some old space-saving designs that you can take advantage of. For instance, bunk beds are a common sight in small children’s bedrooms, and even if you don’t have more than one child, a bunk bed can still offer more functionality because you could include a desk or seating area at the bottom. In terms of appliances, you could consider washer dryer combo machines instead of two different devices, getting a single large fridge instead of two separate ones, or even getting a wall-mounted TV instead of placing it on a TV stand to save on floor space.

Utilizing vertical space is easy once you realize that there are so many furniture pieces and appliances out there that are designed to save on space. You may have to do a bit of research and invest a little bit more or replace furniture, but it’s well worth it for the space savings that you’ll get.

Making more space in your garden

Lastly, we can also talk about gardens. If you’ve ever wanted to add a larger patio or even a garden pond but simply don’t have enough space, then you may want to consider making more use of vertical space around your garden.

First, think about using vertical planters that hang off walls and fences. These are plant pots that are nested in a vertical orientation. Alternatively, you could have hanging planters on your ceilings inside of your home to take space away from your garden. There are plenty of options for unique planters that save space and they can also be used to create a more interesting garden design.

Finally, there’s also the option of having outdoor free-standing shelves. These are often weatherproof and are made from steel wires instead of wood or other thicker objects, making them great for placing flower pots, gardening tools and other accessories. These are perfect for people that are using a shed to store their goods and they’re also excellent for storing outdoor cooking utensils as well. You could add crates and boxes to the shelves and store even more things if needed.

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