Butter Chicken With School Of Wok

Indian butter chicken recipe - school of wok

Family Cooking

School Of Wok has been showing up an awful lot in my news feed over the last few months.  As a family, we really enjoy cooking and every member of the family takes their turn in cooking meals.  Our ten-year-old made a delicious tomato-based pasta sauce during the week and turned it into a pasta bake.  Our 19-year-old is a River Cottage trained, qualified chef.


Stick Your Teflon

As a household, we’re moving away from Teflon coated cookware.  There is too much suspicion about the chemicals in it (see the Madrid Statement for more info).  We’ve gradually switched almost all of our pans over to stainless steel.  They’re far easier to clean, they’re much longer lasting and I really enjoy cooking with them.  We decided to follow a School Of Wok recipe to road test our new 14″ carbon steel wok and lid (lid sold separately).


carbon steel wok


Butter Chicken

Indian food is one of my favourites.  After perusing the recipes on the School Of Wok website, I decided on this Butter Chicken recipe.  We already had most of the ingredients (except the green chilli, so we used a sad looking red chilli).

I marinated the chicken whilst everyone else was out messing around at the farm feeding the animals.

chicken marinating

Soph did the bulk of the chopping and preparation with Lissy getting involved and also having a little go.

LissyLu cooking

making curry pastecurry paste


We made the curry paste by moving it from the wok (I didn’t want to damage its beauty!) to another container to blitz it into a pulp.


Soph then added the marinated chicken and stirred the ingredients all together.

Soph making butter chicken

We left this to simmer with the lid on whilst MrLovely cooked the rice (I’m rubbish at cooking rice).


butter chicken simmering


We served the butter chicken with sticky rice and naan.  It was really tasty and we’ll be using this recipe again.   All the family members like it (though the two youngest complained about being dished up rice – they don’t like rice).  The depth of flavour was delicious.  You could pick up the undertones of the spices and each mouthful contained a very mild hint of the lemon.  I loved the different texture the flaked almonds gave to the dish.

I am confused why it’s called Butter Chicken though because it only uses two teaspoons of butter and you really can’t taste it – Pointless ponder from Lu…

There are quite a few more on their website that I’d like to try.  I think I’ll make the wantons in the week.  Yummy!!


butter chicken recipe - school of wok

Great Wok!

I’m really impressed with the wok.  This is our first time not using a Teflon coated wok and I was expecting the food to stick, to be honest.  It didn’t.  Not at all.  The wok feels quite heavy and is a really lovely quality.  I love the extra little handle on the side, I found myself using it a lot during cooking.  I’d highly recommend this wok.  I’d love to send MrLovely to one of their classes in the new year because he loves cooking and it would be a lovely experience.  Oriental food is my absolute favourite.


Thank you so much to School Of Wok for sending us the wok and lid to review.  They’re going to be a much loved and regularly used feature of our kitchen.  Why not check out Natalie’s website for something tasty for dessert?  You can see my other food-related posts here.

Lu Lovely

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