Yummy Quiche Recipe – Weight Watchers Friendly – 1SP each!

Weight Watchers recipe - el paso quiche

Lunch!  Yum!

Once again, Tor and I had another delicious Weight Watchers friendly lunch on Thursday.  A quiche style recipe with a twist.  I don’t know why I say Weight Watchers friendly because anything is Weight Watchers friendly if you track it.

These quiches were delicious and filling.  A healthy lunch that is quick and easy is always going to be a winner.


Tortilla Cups

Instead of pastry, which is the traditional base for quiches, we’ve used these Old El Paso mini stand ‘n’ stuff tortillas.  These are 1SmartPoint each and the only thing we needed to track for our recipe.  Everything is else is zero, thanks to the new updated WeightWatchers Flex plan (yay!).

Old El Paso Weight Watchers recipe

quiche filling ingredientsThe Filling


The base of the filling is just 3 eggs and a cup of fat-free greek yoghurt.  Asides from that, you can use whatever ingredients you fancy.  I love chorizo in quiches, but that would make it extra points (depending on how much you use).  You could use cooked mixed veggies or spinach or even ham (again, ham needs to be tracked).  I love the variations you can get with this recipe.


We cooked our ingredients in the pan before adding them to the quiches.  Fried them in a squirt of olive oil until they were soft.

quiche ingredients in the pan




whisking ingredients together weight watchers

quiches baking in the oven


The Recipe

I’ve written about the recipe that we used for our lunch.  Hope you enjoy it.  I’d love to know how you get on with it.


Old El Paso quiche recipe - weight watchers friendly


For more of my Weight Watchers recipes, please look here.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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