Children’s Party Tips For A Stress Free Party

Children's Party Tips For A Stress Free Party

Planning a children’s birthday party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be stressful. There’s a lot to plan, and it can soon get expensive. If you’re struggling to plan your child’s birthday party, use these tips to make the experience as stress-free as you can. 

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Make A Budget

Costs can easily get out of hand with kid’s birthday parties. Work out what your maximum budget is and make sure you stick to it. 

Decide If You want A Joint Party

If your child has a friend whose birthday is close to theirs, there are lots of benefits to sharing a party, especially if the guest list would be very similar. 

Planning with another parent also means you have half the cost and half the stress. With two sets of parents planning, there’s also a reduced workload, as you can share the work around. 

Make sure you have similar party ideas to the person you plan to host the party with. It won’t work if you’re on a tight budget and the other person intends to spend a lot, or vice versa. 

Invite the other parents over for a coffee to discuss the idea of a joint party to make sure you’re on the same page about the party, the budget, and the guest list. 

Ask The Family For Help

One of the keys to having a successful kid’s party that isn’t too stressful is to rope in all the extra help that you can. 

Ask some of the grandparents, or aunts and uncles if they can help you out. They could help you out with things like buying decorations, preparing food, decorating the venue, greeting guests, running games for guests or cleaning up at the end of the party. 

If you can’t get the family to help, you could hire a party planning company, like All Fun Parties.

Choose The Day

Sunday is a great choice for a children’s party, as it gives you more time to get ready, whereas a Saturday party gives you a day off to recover afterwards. A party after school can work too, as you get to keep your weekend. Decide what works best for you. 

Choose The Time

There’s no right time for a party, as long as it works for you. Morning parties can work well, especially for younger children. Younger kids aren’t so tired in the morning, so will likely behave a bit better. It also lets you get the party out of the way and have the afternoon to clear up and still have time to relax.

Choose a time in between mealtimes works well if you’re on a budget, so you can avoid having to provide a full meal at the party. This keeps costs down and saves you from having to serve up food and clean up the inevitable mess afterwards.

Decide How Long The Party Will Be

Two hours is a good amount of time for a children’s party, no matter how old your kids are. This gives people time to get to the party, time for games, and time to serve some food.

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