Achieving the Perfect Spring Lawn

Achieving the Perfect Spring Lawn

If you don’t take care of your lawn as Spring…well starts to spring, then you could be paying for your mistake for the rest of the year when your lawn is lacklustre and pretty unappealing.

The good news is that it isn’t actually that difficult to take care of your lawn during this season of renewal – you’ll certainly have less work to do than in the summer when that grass just won’t stop growing – so, what exactly do you need to do? Depending on the type of lawn you have and various other factors, some or all of the following:

Rake It


You might think that raking is only something you need to do in the Fall when the lawn is filled with leaves, unfortunately, that’s not the case. Unless you have an artificial lawn from LazyLawn Artificial Grass – in which case you can skip all of the tips in this post, including this one – you will need to rake your lawn in order to control its thatch, If thatch buildup is in excess of ½ an inch, then you will need to do something about it if you want your lawn to grow green and bountiful as the year continues.

Check the Soil

If you use your lawn a lot in all seasons, there will come a point when your soil will get so compacted that it starts to decline in quality and it will be unable to sustain the kind of lush green grass you’re looking for. So, head out into the garden, get rid of any moss you find and then use a lawn aerator from American Rentals to counteract the problem. Your lawn will thank you for this.

hands holding soil

If it’s Mossy, Add Lime

If you do find lots of mossy plants springing up on and around your lawn, it’s a clear sign that your soil has become too acidic and since grass requires a neutral PH to thrive, you will want to change that by adding lime to your soil with a fertilizer spreader. However, only do this if your lawn is in poor condition – if it looks good, despite the moss, it will probably be safe to leave it be.

Seed It

If, when you check your lawn, you notice that there are a lot of barren patches, which are free of the grass you so love to see, then you quite simply need to re-seed it.In fact, you need to overseed it by not only sprinkling seeds but by covering your lawn with a nitrogen fertilizer (which is slow-release) too.

Fertilize It

Whatever state your lawn might be in, Spring is the perfect time to fertilize it, so that it will reach its full potential. In the Spring, a light amount of fertilization should suffice because, if you add too much, it could enable weeds to thrive.


If you don’t want weeds to grow through and ruin your summer lawn, preempt them by using pre-emergent herbicides to kill them before they even show their faces.

Time to get your gardening gloves on!  Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

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