Children’s Toys – The Alternatives Around Your Home

Children's Toys - The Alternatives Around Your Home

Children’s Toys – The Alternatives Around Your Home

You’ve all been in the situation where the box that the expensive toys came in, has been far more interesting to your child than the toy itself.  

For sure, many parents and Grandparents, feel mildly deflated when the expectant joy from their small person, at receiving a present that they spent hours choosing, is replaced instead with complete absorption with the wrapping paper and packaging. 

So, although you will naturally purchase some conventional kids and baby toys what other safe items that you have in your home can provide unexpected, but appreciated hours of fun for your son or daughter?

baby playing with a drum

A Colander

Everyone has a colander lurking in their kitchen cupboard.  Some are of the designer variety in cool muted shades to match saucepans and utensils, others are of a plain old plastic, with dubious stains, and holes far bigger than they ought to be.  

Despite all this, hours of fun can be had pushing dried spaghetti or paper straws through the holes of a colander, better still if there is already an apple or orange in the bottom which cannot now escape. 

The process of getting the item through the small holes of the colander improves motor skills and concentration. And if you are not too fussy, the spaghetti and straws will still be usable after the game has ended! 

Laundry Basket

On the odd occasion that you’ve scaled your ironing mountain, and have an empty laundry basket, it’s great for throwing things into it.  

Smaller children can throw soft cotton wool balls, rolled-up socks, or things like satsumas or even small potatoes. Or how about sitting a small child into a basket, which will instantly become a car or a boat,  Anything you have handy will suffice. 

Blankets and Sheets

All little ones love to make a den, either indoors or outdoors. Utilise old duvets and sheets, towels and rugs, cushions and blankets held up with brooms and mops.  Really kids don’t care what it looks like or what was used to make it, it’s the end result they are interested in. 

To get the most out of it, suggest lunch or a picnic will be served in the den, and you will join them.  If you are incredibly brave, and it’s an outdoor den, perhaps a heroic Dad or Grandad could be persuaded to spend a warm night out in the garden and camp out in the den, for maximum reward, whilst Mum curls up on the sofa with a well deserved Prosecco or maybe something stronger.

Children, in general, are so easily pleased. Usually, they are happiest when their parents join in with their game, whilst understandably you perhaps just want to have some ‘you’ time after a hard day either at work or just running the home and being a Mum or Dad.

Keeping little ones entertained doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise, look around and see what lovely things you have in your home that will double up as a toy, or plaything for your child.

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