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I’ve recently discovered a new brand of natural perfume.  The brand is called Flaya.





Flaya is a small family run business based in Scotland with a passion for organic and vegan perfumes.  Committed to sustainability and using organic ingredients, their perfumes contain between 80-92% certified organic ingredients.  They have created a range of seven fragrances with ingredients that are 100% vegan and ethically sourced.  Each perfume is handmade, hand bottled and hand packed within the UK so they retain all traceability and control of their products.

All Flaya perfumes contain 20% fragrance, our secret combination of precious oils and natural aromatic compounds.

Flaya do not, and never will, test any of their products or ingredients on animals.  They’re committed to animal welfare and all of their products are registered with The Vegan Society, are endorsed by The Naturewatch Foundation AND have achieved the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label.


The Perfume

No. 48 by Flaya

Flaya fragrances are classified as Eau De Parfums.  I love the packaging.  They come in glass bottles to reduce the impact on the environment.  The packaging is minimal and the use of plastic is restricted.  I very much appreciate that in a brand.  It has a spray dispenser, which I also like.  I’m not such a big fan of the roll-ons because I prefer to spray perfumes on my clothes as opposed to directly to my skin.  Saying that I do still have many roll-on perfumes.

To use this, it’s recommended you either apply directly to your skin on the pulse points, wrists for example and behind the ears.  You can also spritz yourself generously with this, as I do.


No. 48

I chose the fragrance No. 48 which is their luxurious signature scent.

Sweet organic Madagascan vanilla beautifully blended with exotic floral bouquets.

A smooth, deep, sultry scent which lusciously lingers in an intense sub-tropical haze.

Flaya No 48 is a warm, rich and evocative aroma to stimulate desires.

The Ingredients

There is very little that goes into these natural perfumes, which I like.  Here is the ingredients list for No. 48.

Alcohol Denat. (Organic), Parfum (Flaya’s own blend of natural floral and plant concentrates and essential oils containing Linalool, Citronellol, Limonene, Geraniol).


I’d love to try the rest of the range but it will take me a while because a little goes a long way, which means they last quite a long time.  The largest bottle they make retails at £26.99 which I think it’s a fair price point.

Have you tried any of the Flaya range?

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