Creating A Country Style, Rustic, Casual Wedding

Creating A Country Style Rustic Casual Wedding

Having worked as a florist for a few years, I’ve seen many variations on the “rustic” country style wedding. It’s always going to be a populartea lights choice and I think, if done well, can be just beautiful.  Some people feel like a formal wedding in a listed property makes both themselves and their guests feel ill at ease and would much prefer something more casual.  How do you get that happy medium?  I’ll tell you how.


The Venue

If the weather behaves, there’s nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding. Imagine the scene; Evening, the sun setting, trees twinkling with warm fairy lights, little bells strung in the trees. Tea lights in jars on every surface.

Whilst a sit-down meal isn’t necessary, it’s a good idea to offer seating for people. White chairs and white table linen looks stunning. It’s always a great idea to have a backup in case it does rain. A marquee can offer you some flexibility and enables you to decorate it tailored to your perfect taste.


A barn can also look stunning. It’s best to plan for all seasons.  Click here for a list of barn venues available.


bridal bouquetThe Flowers

This is a game changer, in my opinion. Go big or go home. I’d recommend having fresh flowers everywhere. Lots of jars of all different shapes and sizes.

Peonies have just come into season and they both look and smell incredible. I’d also recommend astilbe, hydrangeas, stocks, freesia, ranunculus, daisies and another huge favourite is lily of the valley (which has just finished its season). I love scented flowers. My favourite rose, and the most beautiful, in my opinion, is the O’Hara rose. They would have to feature, in my opinion. Possibly only in the bridal bouquet and the Groom’s boutonniere because they’re quite expensive. I’d include ivy too because of its symbolism.

I’d recommend either a hand-tied bridal bouquet or a loose and flowing bouquet.



If you do decide a sit-down meal is too much money or not the style you’re going for, there are some other options asides from a buffet.  We once catered a wedding that had picnic hampers on each table and inside the hampers were a selection of delicious foods, for example, olives, cold meats, pates, cheese, salads, bread.  The only “table” of food was a table full of delicious scones with pots of clotted cream and jam for guests to help themselves to after their picnic.

Another idea is to hire a catering van, maybe a fish and chip van, or jacket potatoes or similar.  It gives a casual more relaxed feel to food.  There are options other than the traditional wedding breakfast.

wedding cake

One wedding we did the flowers for had a Great British Bake Off style competition in the evening.  Rather than having to cater for lots of dessert options, guests brought desserts to enter into the competition and to share.  That was pretty ingenious!

A wedding doesn’t have to cost the earth to be beautiful and magical.  There are so many options available, just shop around until you find your perfect.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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