Getting Married: A Rough Guide To Doing Things Right

Getting Married: A Rough Guide To Doing Things Right

Getting Married: A Rough Guide To Doing Things Right

When you’ve been with someone for a while, and you’re willing to spend the rest of your life with them, it’s only natural that you’ll want to marry them. Your wedding is a joyous occasion; it marks a significant date in your timeline of events in life, and it gives you the opportunity to make things ‘official’ with your significant other!

Of course, planning and preparing for your wedding can also be a stressful and even frustrating time in your life! Still, even with all that in mind, there are ways to make things easy for yourself. Here’s a rough guide to help you plan your wedding and do things the right way:



Formal or casual?

The first thing you both need to consider is whether your wedding is going to be a formal or casual occasion. These days, the idea of getting married in a church and everyone dressing up for the event is one that is no longer mandatory. You could even have a themed wedding, such as cowboys/girls or even space aliens if that’s your thing! Count steampunk as a spectacular wedding theme. Imagine you and the guests in corsets, capes, and cravats. Indulge in the lore and romance of the Renaissance and Middle Ages—your choice for a themed wedding just got exciting.

Remember that you are in control of your wedding. It’s no-one else’s place to dictate to you what you should or shouldn’t do for your big day. And if certain family members (or friends) put pressure on you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, be sure to tell them in no uncertain terms that how you plan your wedding is down to you and your future spouse – and not them!


You will no doubt have a list of people you wish to invite to your wedding. There are a few ways of giving potential guests their nice wedding invitations. For a start, you could send out some stylish ones from providers like Pure Invitation. Or you could do things the 21st century way and just email or Facebook message your family members and friends!


Regardless of whether you have a formal or casual wedding, you’ll still need to get married somewhere! If you’re both religious or traditional, a church might be the obvious place for your wedding. Otherwise, somewhere picturesque such as a stately home or castle in a countryside setting might offer a more suitable alternative.

Be sure to visit a few different places and create a shortlist of venues. That way, you can give yourself plenty of choices and decide which venue best meets your needs and budget.


Last, but not least, you and your future spouse will need to give each other a wedding band on the big day. Here’s the thing: many couples stress out over what they should buy, and whether they should follow a particular style for their rings.

When it comes to wedding rings, you both have total control over what you get! The trouble with today’s society is that there is an assumption wedding bands must be made of the most expensive precious metals and stones. In reality, wedding rings are merely symbols and tokens of your marriage to one another. Don’t feel pressured into spending megabucks on wedding jewellery! Take a look at jewellers like Wedding Rings Direct to see how affordable your bands can be.

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