Crochet – For The Love Of Hookers!

crochet hookers

The Beginning

I had never successfully managed to even hold a crochet hook, I was super excited when I started to get the hang of hooking.  I learnt by watching YouTube videos.  Bella Coco is amazing.

First Project

I started off with making dish clothes but very soon after became eager to move on from them.  One night I crocheted a little turtle after watching a Bella Coco tutorial.  My next crochet project was a Mal doll (a character from the movie The Descendents)  for my daughter, then a very wonky dog for my son and a monkey for my Goddaughter as a Christmas gift (to which the pattern is available here for free).


Next, I moved on to the blanket. Myself and three friends crocheted a blanket together last year.  It’s deeply treasured and beautiful.  We all made four sets of twelve squares, all different and sent each person an identical set of them.  We then all did our own thing with them, in terms of bordering and joining.  So, each of us now has our own very own blanket that has a bit of love and sweat from each other.  It’s very beautiful (and very large).  Leigh and I were total novices before we started the blanket and many of the squares were patterns we were a combination of squares that we were both doing for the very first time like the African flower and granny squares.  We were hooking so much that I ended up with blisters.  It really was a labour of love.  A labour I’d both recommend and repeat.

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  1. says: Julie Scattergood

    I’d love to start crocheting. I can knit simple patterns but don’t really have time. Maybe crocheting is something I could pick up when I have time and keep coming back to. The blanket’s beautiful and I love the fact that you all contributed to each other’s.

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