A Good, Solid Fork – Gardening

Last week, we had our first visit to our allotment this year.  I’m always super excited about the planning of the crop rotations and what we’re going to be growing this time of year. I love the start of the season, getting the greenhouse ready and clearing the vegetable beds.

I think it would be a pretty fabulous achievement if we are able to fully feed ourselves with our own grown/reared produce during the summer.  My oldest baby scoffed at the very idea of this.  His lovely comment was, “What, so you’re going to start milling your own flour now, are you?”.  I feel like he’s so hostile with me these days.  Also, I find his lack of support in the zero waste journey quite ironic given that he works for a famous chef who is renowned for his campaigns for the same thing.  My psychiatrist says it’s his age because his frontal lobe hasn’t finished developing.

The Fork

Popped into an annoying DIY chain store on the way to pick up a couple of packets of seeds.  I purchased a very lovely fork.  I do enjoy a good forking.  There were a few to choose from.  I could buy the B&Q own plastic brand fork for around 80 pence, or for about £7-8 I could buy an English, hand crafted wooden and stainless steel fork by Kent & Stowe.  I chose the latter.  It will be far more hard wearing, it’s handle is made from ash wood that is contoured for comfort.  I should think it will last me for years and years.  (Guaranteed for 15 years, so either way, it’s all good!). ?

You can see the arguement video about today’s post here, on my YouTube channel.

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