Decorating Ideas For Canvases

Decorating Ideas For Canvases

Canvases are great do-it-yourself decorating ideas. Canvases are durable and easy to work with. Any kind of art supply can be used on canvases from coloured pencils to paint to vinyl. 

Here are some DIY decorating ideas for your home that you can create using canvas. 

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Wrapper’s Delight

If drawing or painting is not your thing, then simply wrap the canvas with tissue paper or traditional wrapping paper. You can create a look for any occasion. You can change the paper for the holidays and even change the paper for a birthday, wedding, or baby shower. You can use wrapping paper along just the bottom to make a pocket to hold items like push pins or clips while you use the top of the canvas for holding pictures, using other decorations, or using the canvas as a notice board for the whole family. Again, you can change the wrapping paper on the bottom as the seasons and holidays change. 

Splatter It

Become your very own Jackson Pollack and splatter your canvas. Pick a colour that goes well with the room your canvas will hang in and then buy that colour and some of its other colourful varieties. For example, if you love blue, get something lighter like sky blue, with a bolder royal blue, then something darker like a navy blue. Once you have that specific colour covered with various shades, splatter them all over the canvas in a controlled way that will allow all the colours to pop making the rest of your room pop as well.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Get out some glue and grab some glitter. Like with the splatter, pick a colour that works with your room and create a glittered canvas that will show off various shades of your choice colour. Start at the stop with the darker colour and work down to a lighter colour or vice versa to create a wave of glittery colour that will give your room some personality. Go to a craft store and ask for the best glue and best shades of your choice colour. Also, visit a store like The Sydney Canvas Company that can point you in the right direction as to which kind of canvas works best with your artistic vision. 

Pick Your Medium

Whatever your medium is, you can use it on your canvas. If you do well with origami, make some origami art and glue it to your canvas to give it a 3D feel. If you work better with decoupage, a canvas is the “go-to” item for making designs. Whether it’s coloured pencils, ink, or even stencilling, canvases are the best way to display your inspiration. Stencilling is one of the best ways to add some texture and some colour to your room with carefully laid out patterns that you get to choose and create yourself. 

There are many more ways to decorate your canvas and enhance your room, discover them all or pick those that speak to your artistic soul. 

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