Easy Ways To Update An Outdated Outside Space

Easy Ways To Update An Outdated Outside Space

As many of us focus on the interior of our homes, it’s really easy for us to forget about the importance of looking after the outside space of our home too. We will make sure we follow the latest trends when it comes to decorating our living room then forget that the trends for outside even have the power to change. Itdoesn;t need to be like this as it can be really easy to update the look of your outside space. Not only that the outside of your home equates to around fifteen per cent of its value so it’s important to keep them updated and well maintained. Having an outdated outside space will mean that people think your interior will be outdated too so it’s time for a change if this is you. 

Have a look below at some of the telltale signs that it’s time to update your space outdoors: 

Declutter And Maintain

Often an outdoor space can look outdated merely because it’s unkempt and untidy. You should look to replace old, overgrown and outdated plants and look at adding some easy to manage plants to create welcoming spaces. Yes, there are plants that can make your property look outdated purely because they use to be used at a lot in the past. You should make sure you are removing any uneven tiles, broken brick borders and replacing them when needed. 

Look After Water Features And Gravel Areas

Any river rock areas or gravelled areas that have collected dirt, grime and debris should be cleaned and cleared. Doing this will give you an automatic fresh look and a tidy area. In some case, the gravel may need topping up or replacing as it tends to get rather empty over the years, try looking at Kelkay Gravel for some inspiration. You will find that you need to top your gravel every few years as leaving it too long can lead to the flooring underneath becoming viable and this leads to your outside space looking messy and old.

Update Your Pots

Your plant pots age and do need to be replaced every now and then. In some cases, the plants inside can even break the pots when they have outgrown the size without realising. Switch out the old and bring in the new, try adding colourful pots or wooden containers that you can paint or treat. Colourful flowers are lovely and a nice touch however, they involve a lot of labour-intensive and need to be replaced each year. 


Curb Appeal

Looking after your curb appeal is really important to keeping your outside space looking updated and fresh. Not going this it helps to add value to your home. If you let your garden fall behind it can look old and outdated. Try thinking about things like the exterior of your home, if there are any repairs needed, do your walkways need updating or repairing and are your windows and doorways presentable. You will remove years from the appearance of your property if you make sure you keep on top of things such as treating wooden areas and repairing damages to areas such as your roof.  

These are just a few areas that you can look at for an easy update to your outside space. Please share any other tips you have in the comments section below.

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