Feeding Your Dog In Winter – Tailor-Made Kibble

Bubba Gump - feeding dogs in winter

How you feed your dog often need to be tweaked a little throughout the colder months.  Most dogs tend to get less exercise in the winter months because it’s colder and there are fewer daylight hours.  This needs to be reflected in their diet.  I’ve recently discovered a company called Tails.com.

Our Dogs

We have three dogs, two of them are working dogs that have very different roles.

We have a three-year-old English springer spaniel called Pippa.  Pippa is a working gun dog and she needs more food during the winter because there’s highly active and spends a lot of time outdoors on driven shoots and on the foreshore during the wildfowling season.

Springer Spaniel


Bubba Gump is two-year-old labradoodle.  Gump is my assistance dog.  She works throughout the winter but has a far less active job than Pippa.  She does go to the farm every morning and get involved with feeding our animals, so she has a very active social life (more active than mine!).


farm dog

Ellie is our eight-year-old chihuahua who is very inactive.  She likes nothing more than a little pootle around the block.  She’s prone to being a bit of a fatty bum-bum so we do need to be careful with what she eats.  She’s a total lap dog and loves to spend her days cuddled up with LissyLu.


girl and her chihuahua


The Food

Tails.com tailors the food specifically to your dog’s nutritional requirements depending on their breed, lifestyle, allergies and bodyweight.  I like Bubba Gump to have a high protein diet without any wheat or grains.

I had my first delivery last week and we’ve been in the transitional period changing from her previous food to this new food.  Tails.com sent me a really helpful e-mail with a video containing tips from a vet on how to ensure a smooth transition.  The food came packaged in a resealable sack inside a cardboard box, along with menu card telling me how much Gump needs, discount codes for referring friends and a little information booklet packed with helpful information.  They also include a little, personalised scoop so you can make sure your dog is getting the correct amount.

dog food recipe card

Hassle Free

Being disorganised, it’s handy that you get a delivery each month with the exact amount your dog needs.  It means I don’t have to think about dog food and when I need to buy more.  It just arrived on my doorstep each month. At around £20, it’s great value and I’m really happy with it.

dog food delivery


Tails have an offer on at the moment where you get two weeks worth of food for just £1.  Why not give them a try?

Lu Lovely

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