Why Having A Dog Makes A House A Home

Why Having A Dog Makes a House a Home

Are you thinking of taking on the responsibility of bringing a dog into your home? Perhaps you like the idea but also have some reservations about the extra mouth to feed, the extra mess to clean up and just having another animal in your home demanding your attention.

While those points are all undeniably true and they are perhaps the things all dog owners find hard to relish about the day to day care for their furry friend; it would be wrong to just focus on the negatives. Particularly when the positives outweigh the negatives. When you bring an animal into your home, you are doing more than just introducing an animal to your household; you are introducing a new member of your household…of your family.

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A really can transform a house into a home. Let’s look at some of the best reasons why.


You Always Have a Welcoming Committee

Most dog owners would agree that there is nothing better than the feeling of walking into your home, particularly after a hard day’s work and being almost suffocated with love by a four-legged ball of fur and the purest love. And saliva…don’t forget the saliva…how could we ever forget the saliva.

All that fuss just because you walked back into your home, which you were obviously going to do anyway. Regardless of whether the dog you end up just wags their tail, smiles, barks, licks or jumps at you and does a bit of everything – you will always have a welcoming committee with a dog in the house.


You Will Never Feel Alone

Do you sometimes feel as if your home feels less, well…homely when there is no one around? The children are at nursery, school, university or out playing with their mates and your husband or wife is away out to work, leaving you home all alone. If you have a dog though, you will never ever feel alone again.

Even if you are just sitting catching up with the soaps or the latest film or episode on that series you are watching on Netflix, Amazon Prime or whatever streaming service you use…your dog will always be there to snuggle up close to you.

Perhaps you want to take a ride in the car to get some fresh air, but none of your human companions is around to accompany you. Don’t even give it a second thought, it is a safe bet that your four-legged little pal will want to go with you.

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You Can Use It As a Lesson In Responsibility For Your Children

It can build character when you have something other than yourself to look after. There is a multitude of tasks involved in the day to day care of dogs, including cleaning up after their poops, feeding them, grooming them and taking them out for a walk. Bringing a dog into your home gives you the perfect opportunity then, to teach your children about responsibility.

When you teach them about responsibility – by looking after the dog, you can instil in them important skills they will then have at their disposal when they have their own humans to look after. Furthermore, children that grow up in houses with dogs are less likely to develop irrational fears of dogs.


A Dog Can Be A Confidante And Therapist

Do you ever have those days when things are getting on top of you and you don’t really feel like talking about it? These are the days you will be glad you invested in a dog. Dogs are very instinctive creatures and are amazing at picking up on even the slightest changes in moods. They know when you are feeling down and had a rough day and will always give you lots of love and never ask for an explanation. Dogs will also always keep your secrets!


Dogs Encourage You To Get Out And About

One of the best side effects of having a dog in the house is that they encourage you to get out and about more often. You are more motivated as a family or even couple to take that trip to that hill you keep on planning on hiking up or to the beach when you have a dog. Because dogs need exercise, it, in turn, forces you to be more active and when you spend time together out and about, making memories your house will feel even more like a home.


Dogs Can Encourage You to Get Up, Even When You Don’t Really Want To

Following on nicely from the above, dogs can help you to get out of bed even on those days when you really can’t be bothered or don’t want to face the day. They will pound on you, bark and lick at you until you get your sorry butt out of bed. Besides, you can’t feed them from your bed.


Adopted Dogs Are Even More Appreciative

If you choose to adopt a dog from a rescue centre or from someone who can’t look after theirs any more, you will find that they are even more ready to bring love and happiness to your home. Dogs tend to have good instincts and are very aware of when someone is being nice and has saved them.

This post was written by Mike from Poochinaround.co.uk

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