Inika Face In A Box Starter Kit – Certified Organic & Vegan

Inika Starter Kit

Loving Makeup!

I love makeup.  I always have.  It has the power to change the way a person feels about themselves, make them more confident and, with different styles, colours and techniques, can completely change the way a person looks.  Switching over to more conscious, natural makeup brands has been one of my more tricky transitions.  I’ve been experimenting with different brands for some time.  I love to try new products.  I’m quite sure I always will.


Inika Face In A Box

Inika Face In A Box

At the weekend, I bought the Inika Face In A Box Starter Kit from LoveLula.  Ooh, it’s a good one!  I’ve been wanting to try Inika for quite some time but wasn’t sure which products to buy.  This starter kit is perfect for those with the same dilemma.  I bought it in shade “Unity” because it’s suited to pale skin.

Inika use certified organic ingredients and are certified vegan.

Inside The Box


Content Of Inika Box


The box contains:

?  Mineral Foundation Powder (3g) ?

? Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation with Hyaluronic Acid (10ml) ?

?  Mineral Bronzer – Sunkissed (Full size: 3.5g) ?

? Certified Organic Pure Primer with Hyaluronic Acid (10ml) ?

?  Certified Organic Natural Perfection Concealer (4ml) Mineral Setting Powder (0.7g) ?

? Mineral Blush – Rosy Glow (0.7g) ?

?  Full-Size Vegan Kabuki Brush ?


The Products

Inika products

The Base

The shades of the products are perfect for pale skin.  The primer is a perfect base.  A little goes a long way and it absorbs into the skin really quickly.  I’ve been using the foundation – period week, I need all the coverage I can get during this phase of the month!  It does a great job.The BB Cream replaces the need for two products and can be used as a lighter, quicker option.  I do find you need to be quite quick applying it does absorb quickly.  Also, I do put moisturiser on before applying this.  I finish this base step off with the mineral powder, using the kabuki brush.  I love these.  My brush collection is quite large and I have some great brushes.  This brush ranks highly in terms of softness and the blending capabilities.

The concealer is easy to apply with either a brush or just fingers and it doesn’t highlight my creases, which is what I have been finding with some other concealers.  I don’t find it gives much coverage – my spots still showed through like slightly more concealed beacons as testimony to my time of the month.

Bronzer & Blusher

Inika makeup look


The bronzer is really subtle and gives a healthy glow.  It definitely is more of a bronzer than a contour powder, it’s not dark enough to provide any contour definition. I love the shade as a bronzer though (handy, what with it being a bronzer).  The blusher – wow!  Possibly my favourite product in the kit!  It’s a beautiful shade, really pigmented so you only need a teeny amount and it has a subtle shimmer to it.  It gives you the perfect colour to make you look healthy and less ghost-like.  I love, love, love this.  I haven’t noticed any difference from the finishing powder, but then I’m not really sure what I should be looking for.  Maybe I need to pay more attention to this.


Would I Recommend This?

Yaaasssssss!  I’ve really enjoyed using these products.  I’ve been continuing to use them every day since they arrived.  My best friend over at A Girl & Her Giant has also enjoyed them.

You can watch our rather bumbling video of the products here:


To buy yourself the Inika Face In A Box, pop along to the LoveLula website.  I’d love to hear what you thought of this.


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