Five Weak Points In Your Home Security

Five Weak Points In Your Home Security

Home Security

Houses are built to be secure, right? Well, sadly, that’s not always the case. Most houses in the UK aren’t built with security in mind, and for this reason, they are riddled with weak points that can be exploited by criminals looking to make a quick profit from your personal possessions. Here are five of the weakest points of your home security.

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  • Your front door

The Front Door on most British houses is made out of nothing more than a thin layer of plastic or wood, and some even have glass panes. Although a glass panel in your door may look pretty, it is an extremely easy access point for a criminal who can smash it to open your door from the inside. Cheap and flimsy doors can also be quickly kicked in and most will break, allowing easy access to the locking mechanism. To protect yourself, invest in a security door from somewhere like Cerberus Doors, which has been designed to withstand break-in attempts. 

  • Your first-floor windows

Windows are another easy point of entry for criminals. Open windows are particularly vulnerable, however, even when your windows are closed, thieves can still use them as an entryway to your home by prying them open or smashing them. If your home has single-glazing, upgrade it to make them harder to break, and consider installing window sensors that will alert you if your window is opened. 

  • Your basement window

Basement windows tend to be very small; however, no entry point is too small for a smart burglar. Don’t forget to reinforce and add sensors to your basement windows and consider installing metal bars so that even if they are smashed, no-one can get in. 

  • Your garage door

Most garage doors are made out of nothing more than a thin sheet of metal and are locked with extremely rudimentary systems that can easily be picked or broken into. Although a criminal may not be able to enter your home through your garage, they can still steal valuable items like bikes, power tools, and garden equipment. You may want to consider contacting a trusted garage door company like ADP Garage Door Repair for a door replacement if you feel safety is a concern. Updating your garage door to one that is. More substantial doors which have a better locking system will be better able to keep your home safe. 

  • Your back door

Lastly, we come to one of the most common access points for burglars, your back door or patio door. Back doors and patio doors tend to be out of sight, giving criminals more chance of entering your property undetected. Even if your back door is overlooked, it pays to reinforce your back door to the same standard as your front door, and you may also want to consider installing motion-activated lights to remove the cover of darkness. Sliding patio doors are also an easy entrance point, so upgrade your locks and install a deadbolt and consider also installing motion cameras so that you will be alerted if someone has managed to get through. 

These are the five entry points that criminals will most often use to gain access to your home. Simply upgrading the security in these areas can make you less attractive to thieves and could be the difference between you being burgled and staying safe.

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