A Guide To Moving House Safely During A Pandemic

The process of moving house is something that can be time-consuming as well as exhausting. There is a lot of packing and reorganizing needed to be done, this can take a long time. Usually, we tend to get friends over to help us pack and prepare for the move, which shortens the time considerably. However, ever since the pandemic struck, this has become close to an impossible task. Many countries have set up various rules and measurements that need to be followed, most common about social distancing, making getting their help risky.

The best thing to do is to hire a professional removal company to help smooth things along.

This can be necessary because of the urgency of the move or only because it reduces the contact you will have with others.

Keep in mind that moving companies assist you right from the packing to the unloading at your new house.

moving house in a pandemic

This is why it is critical to be careful and selective while choosing a moving company to help you.

Here are a few tips from Move My Stuff to help you along during this pandemic.

Tips for moving safely during the pandemic

Be cautious

This one of the most important things to keep in mind. You should always remember that we are amid a global pandemic, and caution needs to be considered. Imagine if you are going to work, there is a level of awareness you have for those around you.

The same thing needs to be applied here. Keep an eye on those while coming and going, and ensure that you and your family maintain the regulations.

Choosing the moving company

When choosing the perfect company, there are a few things to keep in mind. Though most companies are aware of it, make sure that you opt for a digital quotation process rather than having it face to face.

Ask the companies questions in regards to the safety measures that they are following during this time. It is essential to realize that the safety of your family comes first before anything else.

Avoid paperwork

For those who have used a moving company’s services before, it is a well-known fact of how much paperwork is involved. From the initial documentation, a lot of signing and writing is needed to be done right up to the end. This can be risky as the pen used may have been used around a lot. You may be using your pen, but you will still have to touch the paper document that has been passed around. This is why it is better to opt for a digital option.

During the move

At this point, you will be having movers coming in and out of your house as they begin loading or are unloading at the next stop. It is better to greet them with a smile and avoid shaking their hands.

Always be sure to maintain the six feet required social distancing and keep a limit on many are within your home at the same time. Ensure that you and your family are regularly sanitizing your hands by washing them regardless of if you have touched things or not.

Unpacking process

Though you might have hired movers to help you with the move and unloading, it is better to do the

unpacking for your house by yourself. This will help avoid the other hands touching your items and acts as a safety barrier.

Keep in mind that though the movers will be wiping down the boxes and items they have helped move, it is critical to ensure that, when necessary, limiting the amount of contact they have with your house is made.

Cleaning the house

There are times that people hire cleaners to help reduce their burden. While this may have been helpful before, now is not the time for it. Give your new house a thorough cleaning by yourself with the help of your family.

This limits the personnel within your new house and increases your safety scale. Dispose of all the materials used while packing and ensure you and your family members are entirely sanitized after everything is done.
Thus it would be best to consider all the safety measures while moving your house in a pandemic.

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