Focal Point Ideas (That Aren’t A Feature Wall)

Hands up if you’ve ever been told the only way to create a focal point in a room is to slap on some vibrant paint or wallpaper on a single wall? It’s a top tip, but come on, let’s think outside the four-walled box and try something a little more interesting and a little less dated instead.

Focal point

1. Let’s Get Fired Up: Fireplaces!

Starting off with a classic, there’s a reason fireplaces have been at the heart of homes for yonks. Whether it’s a roaring open fire or a sleek, modern electric one, a fireplace instantly draws the eye and sets the mood. Although, do bear in mind that flame effect electric fires are much more eco-friendly than open ones, while being just as cosy! And, of course, for those of you living in chilly Britain, it’s not just about aesthetics but also a good old source of heat. So, bring out those fire irons, chuck on a log or two (or just flip the switch!), and let your fireplace take centre stage.

2. Get Arty with Statement Art Pieces

Who needs a feature wall when you’ve got a stonking great piece of art? Whether it’s a bold modern painting, a classic print, or even a cheeky bit of avant-garde sculpture, letting art take the limelight can transform a room. Best part? Swapping it out is a doddle when you fancy a change.

3. Shelve the Old Ideas and Embrace… Well, Shelves!

A beautiful, ornate shelving unit can do wonders. Stack it with books, plants, trinkets, or even a mix of everything, creating a dynamic and interesting focal point. And for those into a spot of DIY, why not try your hand at some floating shelves? It’s magic for the eyes and a treat for the room.

4. Go Bold with Oversized Furniture

No, I don’t mean stuffing a room so full you can’t move. But one oversized piece – be it a massive armchair, a grandiose coffee table, or even an extravagantly tall lamp – can draw attention and set the tone for the entire room.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors can be more than just a place to check your hair. An elaborately framed mirror or a collection of quirky mirrors can not only make your space look bigger but also act as a perfect focal point. Plus, you get to see your lovely reflection – bonus!

6. Green is the Scene: Indoor Trees

Not your run-of-the-mill house plants, but full-blown trees. Think a rubber tree or maybe a fiddle leaf fig. It brings nature indoors, adds height to the room, and believe me, it’ll be a conversation starter at your next shindig.

7. Lighting as a Leading Lady

While often overlooked, lighting can be more than just functional. An ornate chandelier, an oversized pendant light, or a cluster of pendant lights can take the lead role in setting the ambience of your space.

8. Statement Rugs – Because Floors Need Love Too

Often overlooked, the floor is prime real estate for making a statement. A bold rug, be it in colour, pattern, or texture, can anchor your room and draw attention right where you want it.

Time to transform that room!

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