How To Style The Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom needs to be a place you can escape. Somewhere you can shut the door at the end of the day to enjoy peace and tranquillity. However, it must also be a multi-functional space, not only promoting a rejuvenating night’s sleep, but a room in which you can spend time during the day, too.

Follow our checklist to create a bedroom that is cohesive, stylish and practical.


Before you can begin, the first step is to decide on the theme. To do this, you could think about hotel rooms you’ve stayed in or browse some of your interior boards on Pinterest. When doing this, ask yourself: What do you like about them? What attracts you to these designs? And how can you incorporate these elements into your bedroom? This well help you create your own personal take for a super stylish bedroom.



feature wall in a bedroom

Now you’ve sorted the style, the next step is colour. Select your main colour first. Whether this will be used on several walls, a feature wall, or even the ceiling, this will set the tone of the entire room. Then, work your way to bedding, curtains and accessories.
To achieve the perfect style, select either one or two colours and then use their different shades and gradients. This will keep your bedroom feeling expensive and purposefully designed.



Layering is important in a bedroom as it can make the space feel more decadent. There are two ways to do this. The first is with different textures and prints. For example, floral wallpaper, a velvet headboard and metallic lamps. The second is by layering soft furnishings, such as throws, cushions and rugs. Both options will help to you achieve a more high-end style in your bedroom.



This is a must for any room, but especially for the bedroom. In order for this space to feel serene, it needs to be easy to navigate and clutter free. Allow the styling and accessories to shine by decluttering, then select chic storage pieces that are both practical and enhance the décor.
This could include designer bedside tables, placing a shelving unit behind your bed, or even doing some DIY to transform an alcove into a built-in wardrobe.



light bulbs

Last but certainly not least is lighting. In a bedroom, lighting can set the tone and enhance the ambience. But getting it right can be tricky. To master lighting, consider levels. For example, install a main ceiling light, then lower pendants or lamps for the bedside, as well as floor or wall lamps to brighten up dark areas. You could also install dimmer switches to provide better control and ensure your bedroom always feels stylish.

Decorating your bedroom may seem daunting, but if you follow these steps, you can style the perfect space in no time.  You can read more of my home and garden posts here.

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