Gardens That Tick All The Boxes

Gardens That Tick All The Boxes

The time has come to bring your garden back to life, just in time for the summer. Get ready for long evenings spent drinking and eating with friends, the sound of children in the back garden playing and the return of native wildlife to your green spaces.

There might be plenty to look forward to, but there’s also plenty to do. Here’s our guide to getting your garden back in shape for the months ahead.

The Big Clean

Take a deep breath and prepare to tackle the debris that’s built up over the winter. Dead plants in the garden, oily leaves that have stuck to your paths and hard services and decking that have seen better days.

If your wood decking does look like it needs a facelift then start by giving it a jet wash to remove any grime and then rub down with sandpaper, before re-staining or varnishing with a weather-resistant sealant. If it’s beginning to rot, then it’s probably time to replace it altogether or consider a more durable alternative from Lifestyle Patios, for example.

Lawn Care


Then it’s time to spruce up the lawn that’s grown a little wild and woolly over the last few months. Treat your grass to nourishment, but first, run an aerator over it to make sure that any excess water that’s built up can drain away easily. Then you’re ready to sow some more grass seed if necessary and give the rest a good mow. In the hotter weather, grass should be kept shorter to allow that evening watering to fully penetrate below the surface.

Then all that’s left to do is get the weeding done in your beds and borders and you’re ready to begin the summer in earnest.

Over the winter, anything you’ve cut back should have grown back again with a vengeance so look for anything that needs training and tying out of the way.

The Fun Part

Finally, it’s time to let the fun begin with a giant paddling pool for the kids, a carefully placed hammock for the grown-ups and a new BBQ set for the cook of the house. If your garden furniture is looking tired and old, as it tends to fairly quickly if left outside rather than stored in a garage or shed, then treat yourself to a brand new set. Nothing says summer fun more than great food on the go, a jug of something cool on the table and the sound of children running around the garden having fun, playing with a garden cricket set or kicking a ball. Younger children might enjoy a sandpit or trampoline if your garden allows enough space.

After all the hard work you’ve put in, all that’s left to do is to put your feet up, pour yourself something cold and show off your green space to friends and family. Long hot days, drift into warm nights with summer get-togethers in a garden that ticks all the right boxes.

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