Top Mother’s Day Gifts – Part Two

Top Mother's Day Gifts Part Two

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in the Outer Hebrides, you’ll know that it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday.  If you’re a fellow mother, you already know that the pain of childbirth definitely earns us a lovely day of being pampered each year.  If you haven’t hoofed a person out of your lady garden, you’re just going to have to take my word for it.  We deserve a treat.

Here is my next compilation of gift ideas for you.  You’re welcome.


Sazi Printed Welly Dusty Teal from Weird Fish

Sazi Printed Welly Dusty Teal

These wellies are the absolute bomb!!  They are the comfiest wellies I’ve ever worn.  I love the design and the colours.  They feature an adjustable strap on the leg so you can get the perfect fit for your shape.  I see they’re now retailing at a reduced price so it’s win-win all round!  The day these wellies arrived, I wore these around the house and I really do love them.  I can’t imagine they’re going to be off my feet much during the next few months, given our beautiful spring weather.


Nimbus Lightweight Printed Harem Trouser Ink from Weird Fish

Nimbus Lightweight Printed Harem Trouser Ink

So Tor is modelling these trousers because it’s really tricky taking a photo of myself wearing them and MrLovely is rubbish at taking my photo.  I live in these sorts of trousers during Spring, Summer and Autumn.  I’m wearing these trousers right now.  They’re made from a lightweight fabric and have a tapered leg.  I love the pattern and colour (they are available in other colours, but these are my favourite) and I do love elasticated waistbands.  Comfort is really important to me and these different tick that box.  Another ticked box is because they have pockets.  Pockets are really important in clothes, in my opinion.  It’s likely that I’ll buy these in the other patterns because I love them so much.  You can get yourself some here.

Nizou Romantic Damask Rose Scented Candle

Nizou soy wax candle - exotic jasmin

I love the Nizou candle range.  My favourite one is the Romantic Damask Rose.  I love natural wax candles, I think they’re really indulgent and a treat.  Natural wax candles are often more expensive than paraffin cousins, but then burning paraffin in your home really isn’t sensible.  Natural wax also has a longer burning time so you do actually get good value for your money.


Christopher Courtney London Hand, Nail & Cuticle Luxury Massage Candle

Christopher Courtney London Hand, Nail & Cuticle Luxury Massage Candle

Whilst I’m on the candle theme, I thought it important to include something from Christopher Courtney London.  I bought one of their candles last year and, initially, I wanted to cry a little as a parted with almost £40 in exchange for a little candle but I’m very glad I did.  This is easily one of the most beautiful purchases I’ve ever made.  It still hasn’t run out (although I am rather near to hitting ceramic at the bottom).  The Christopher Courtney London candles ooze decadence and luxury (I don’t actually have this Hand, Nail & Cuticle version but I really want it!  You can buy this here.



PrezzyBox offer next day delivery and they have an amazing range of Mother’s Day themed gifts.

You may notice my little pampering theme.  Taking time out for self-care is so important.

Dual Foot Massager

dual foot massager

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably have already seen this.

Look, I don’t have a foot fetish, but I do appreciate a bit of foot love. I abhor them feeling dry and I also love a good foot massage. It fascinates me that applying pressure to specific parts of your feet can relieve pain and tension you may be feeling in different parts of your body.
This foot massager uses the Shiatsu massage concept of rotating nodes. It’s a fantastic gift idea for your darling Mummy-kins who gets her feet cared for without getting your hands all footy. Am I a rubbish daughter to be keeping this for myself?


Hot Stone Therapy Pack

hot stone massage pack

I’ve always fancied trying a hot stone massage but I’m not sure I’d be comfortable going somewhere to have one done.  This pack is perfect because it contains everything you need to create a luxury spa treatment in your own home.  A hot stone massage is extremely gentle on the body compared to deep tissue massage and shares all of the same benefits.  I’m looking forward to having a hot stone massage at home.  You can buy this here.


Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

My Kindle is, without a doubt, one of my most treasured possessions.  I was very anti-electronic readers when they were first released.  My feelings were that I’d never be able to replace the way a book feels in my hands, the smell of it, the essence of a “real” book.  I do still love books and I have many that I treasure, but my day-to-day reading is done on my kindle.  I can read without having a bedside light on.  It’s comfortable to hold (mind you, the case on mine isn’t comfy) and easy to “turn” the pages.  My beloved Kindle.  You can buy one here from Amazon.


You can read part one of our Mother’s Day Guides here.

Hope this helps you decide on something lovely for your Mum.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely


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