Adding A Little Luxury To Your Outdoor Space

Regardless of the size, your outdoor space is always important to look after. If it’s properly looked after then it can be enjoyed no matter what time of the year it is. Adding a little luxury to your outdoor space can make it more attractive and appealing to the household and to any guests you invite over for a social gathering. So here’s what you can do to your own space to give it that wow factor.

Open Roof Patios

If you have a lot of outdoor space to work with, then there’s probably plenty of things you can do to increase the square footage of your home. One of the extensions that’ll make your home feel bigger is open roof patios. An opening roof patio allows you to add a bit of grandeur to the garden and at the touch of a button, it changes your overhead coverage. This is perfect for different times of the year to protect you from the rain or provide shade on a hot summer’s day. Their appearance is a lot more appealing than that of a conservatory or awnings, and because it’s so versatile, it’ll make sitting out more enjoyable.

Water Features

A water feature of any kind adds a little luxury to your space. Whether it’s a birdbath or swimming pool, a water feature can provide something different and can elevate your garden. If installing a swimming pool, don’t just go for a standard rectangle shape. Think about the layout and how you can incorporate it to dress the space better. Swimming pools are a great feature to have and can be perfect for enjoying in the summer, for a swim every morning or for a party. There are also water fountains to take advantage of, which can look beautiful in between a flower bed. Ponds also are great for attracting more wildlife to your garden and an opportunity to make a home for some fish.

Like any plumbing job, it’s a good idea to get in a professional if you’re not necessarily skilled with plumbing and installing anything that involves water. It can easily go wrong, and the last thing you want is to flood your garden.

Install Decking

Decking like the open roof patios is another way to increase the size and feel of your property. It comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as the material and add levels to the outdoor space. It’s relatively new to have in most gardens and are an alternative to hard terraces and patios. Timber decking is highly flexible, which means it’s great for kids who are playing games outside and is another area for perfect for entertaining, dining, or just relaxing on a sun lounger. It provides a comfortable surface for walking on, and it can adapt to most weather conditions as long as you pick the right material for where you live and what climate you have.

It can easily be modified or extended, so if you felt like it was taking up too much space or not enough, you have the ability to change it. As well as having all these benefits, it’s also good for the environment. Wood is, after all the best choice environmentally, even though you can get other forms of decking like heavy duty plastic as an example.

Outdoor Furniture

Everyone wants somewhere to sit when they go outside, especially if it’s been a wet few days and the grass is soaked. Outdoor furniture can provide the perfect you with the perfect social space to entertain family and friends. With sofa seating and sofa swings being quite popular currently, you can get a little extra bit of luxury with these pieces of furniture. Think about how many people are in your household and how many you tend to entertain and then ensure you have a sofa that’s big enough to fit the majority. A table and chair set is also a good purchase as well as sun loungers that can either go around a pool or on decking. Most outdoor furniture is going to be waterproof, but you may want to find storage for any cushions or any parts of the furniture where the material may not do so well at being exposed to the elements constantly.

fire pit

A Custom Built Fire Pit

For those winter months, a lot of us will avoid going outside because it’s too cold. However, nothing is more appealing than a bonfire when you’re outside in the cold. With a custom built fire pit, you can get this bonfire feeling but on a smaller scale that will still keep you toasty. Fire pits are a great feature in the garden whether they’re installed within the decking or sit on your patio area. They’re pretty easy to maintain and to keep clean. They create a cosy atmosphere that you and your guests will love. So grab a cup of hot chocolate and toast some marshmallows for the perfect after dinner experience.


A dark outdoor space isn’t inviting, but if you make use of some warm lighting dotted throughout the garden, it can look much more inviting. Place lanterns around the outside of your decking, on top of the fencing to outline this area. Place floor lights amongst your plants to create a dynamic appearance or dot them around the pool to create a very ambient setting.

Adding luxury to your home doesn’t need to cost the earth but if you do have a bit of cash to play with, then investing in decking and installing a swimming pool or open roof patio can be hugely beneficial to adding value to your property if at any point you decide to sell it. Add lighting to improve the look of your space in the evening and don’t forget the custom-built firepits so you can enjoy your space all year around. Outdoor furniture is also crucial to providing a comfortable place for you and your guests to sit and socialize.

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