The Braun FaceSpa – Cleansing Brush & Mini Epilator

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I have the Braun FaceSpa Cleansing Brush & Mini Epilator.  I’m pretty rubbish at reading instructions, I find them far too tedious.


I’ve used an epilator before so I’m pretty familiar with how painful they are they work.  They hurt.  They’re like torture devices.  Very effective at hair removal torture devices.  I’m not really much of a hairy Mary (sorry if your name is Mary and you’re hairy) and don’t do any hair removal on my face, bar plucking my eyebrows, so I don’t have much experience in epilating my face.  I tried it on the side of my face first.  Good.  It felt okay.  I moved towards the corner of my mouth and oh.  my.  gosh.  That is where it felt like the devil clawing at my upper lip with millions of needles.  I stopped epilating soon after that.  I think I’m just not man enough for that kind of thing.

Facial Cleanser & Exfoliator

This is where it really gets good.  It comes with three cleansing brushes with micro oscillations.  One brush is for normal skin, one for sensitive skin and one for exfoliating.  I started with the normal brush.  It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to change from the epilator attachment to the brush.  I was trying to over-complicate things by twisting the head and looking for little locking nodules or something.  Nope, it just gently pulls on and you pop whichever brush you want to use on the head.  Lovely.  I popped some cleanser onto the brush and switched the device on.  It was gorgeous.  Relaxing, decadent and it made my skin feel clean, smooth and incredible.  I really liked it.  I now use it a few times a week.

Fun For Everyone

My daughter (who turns eleven in a couple of weeks) loves using the face spa.  Never before has her little face been so clean.  My fourteen year old has also become and big fan.  It’s been really valuable for her skin that has become pretty sensitive as she’s reached her teens.  It’s pretty fabulous at cleansing her clogged, make up ridden pores.

Would I Buy It?

I love the packaging, it’s sleek and stylish.  I love the little red pouch that comes with the device.  It also includes a protective red cap, a cleaning brush and a holder.  It’s been a hit with the female half of the family.  I’m pretty sure the men would like it too, but they haven’t had an opportunity to try it yet.  They’re currently on offer for around £40-50 at the moment.  I’d buy one. 


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