Gutterhead – The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game

Gutterhead - The Fiendishly Filthy Drawing Game
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We were recently lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review Gutterhead, a board game for adults.  If Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity were to have a baby, this would be it.

The Contents

Gutterhead box contents

The game comes in a sleek black box with the name and the black devil-esque logo on it.  Inside the box you will find:

  • 240 Playing cards divided into 5 categories (Person/Place, Object, Action, Feeling/Sensation & ‘Naughty or Nice’)
  • Game board, dice & rules
  • 4 Whiteboards & dry-wipe pens
  • 4 Poo-shaped playing pieces


big ginger

How To Play

We’ve played this with various friends and family, between the ages of 19 and 69.  To decide who will roll first by establishing who last went for a poo.  You roll the dice and move the little poo counter.  The colour you land on will determine which card you pick up (the categories are person/place, object, action, feeling/sensation or you may land on a naughty or nice.  The naughty or nice card often means you will be standing up and miming for everyone to guess (this is hilarious and possibly my favourite card).

The coloured cards allow you to move on several spaces.  When you land on a coloured card you will need to decide who will draw and who will guess.  All couples/teams will have to decide on an artist and see the same card.  Once this is decided its time for all the teams to draw and guess.  We took it in turns with the drawing and guessing.


Playing The Game

I honestly cannot emphasise enough, the importance of sneaking a look at other teams drawings.  We found out quite quickly that none of us were budding artists!  The pictures were hilarious!

Gutterhead drawing nipple tassels

First person to shout out the correct answer wins. The guesses that are put out there are often as not even funnier than the answer.  It really is one of those games you just cannot stop laughing about.  This game would be awesome after a bbq, at a party or like us, just playing it with great friends and neighbours.  Just remember, if you didn’t know what it was before, you will after.  We’ve learned all sorts of things, for example, Rainbow Kisses, Soggy Biscuit and many more.  Do be careful when you’re googling what things are, you might want to clear your browser history afterwards!!

Gutterhead drawings


My initial thoughts after playing the game a few times was, were soon going to know the cards quite well. It soon became apparent, expansion packs are available so this game can never get old or repetitive (excellent, well doneGutter Games!!).  The wipeable boards are lasting well, as are the pens. I’m sure you could purchase more of these or even use a notebook if you wanted to add more teams. All the cards have held up well to a load of over excited and some drunken adult handling so again, this game should last quite some time. definitely a game for the cupboard.


My only concern was the cards becoming repetitive, this, as I said, was answered by the expansion packs offered.  The price, I think is very reasonable for a game with this much quality. At £29.99 you really can’t go wrong.


We’ve absolutely loved playing this game and have just purchased the expansion pack.  I just know this is going to be a favourite for years to come.  You can purchase this game from here or here on Amazon.

Please note, this was sent to me for my review.  This hasn’t altered my opinion, all my words are my own.  You can see more Lifestyle posts here.

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