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Blogging has become and more and more popular occupation over the last few years. However, blogs also cost money to run and, let’s face it, your time isn’t free right? Bearing that in mind, a blog just doesn’t become great or become self-sufficient financially overnight. I started off with a free to host plan but soon realised, I wanted my blog to be free of toxic adverts for things I just don’t condone.

Paid Work


So, you have the blog, you need content. you really do need to add your own content to get started, after this, you can sign up to companies like Blogger outreach. Get Blogged is the perfect place for both bloggers and brands. For bloggers, you can find literally hundreds of paid job opportunities and a fantastic support network to go alongside it.

Blog post content varies greatly, Dating posts to car hire, web design to artisan cheeses, you just select which ones are within your domain authority and simply put in a request for the job. Don’t worry if you have a low domain authority, there are posts for everyone. Payment for the blog posts are swift and the pricing is fixed according to the domain authority, so, the more you log, the more you get noticed, the more you get noticed, the more the domain authority will increase, the more the domain authority increases the better the pay. A perfectly fair and simple system.


Whenever you produce a blog post for Get Blogged, you will be adding a link to a specific brand or company. For them, it is an advertising outlet. For you, you now have a link for that company on your blog! I know its not the glitz and fame you might hope for but you can still say, you did a blog post which included ……………………..

Brands obviously have pr budgets. and that is where the paid blogging jobs come in to play. Brands get great publicity and bloggers produce great content.


A valuable lesson to learn here. Most paid jobs require a 500-word count. Doesn’t sound much right? Ok. Can you produce a 500-word post about bent carrots? Exactly! When you “bid” for a paid job, think about what you can bring to the table. Can you produce a 500-word post that is both factual, has the appropriate links and at the same time readable. By that, I mean, if you were a reader, would it captivate you? So many blog posts lose the momentum 100 words in.

blogging jobs

Pitch It Right

Pitching to the company is key. 100’s of other bloggers are wanting the same jobs as you, so when you apply for a job don’t just say I would like to write this. Push your site, give them a reason to notice the request you have put in. I cannot guarantee you will get every paid job you apply for but, as with everything else in life, you get out what you put in. If you are a brand reading this, you too could have bloggers applying to write about you! So, if you want to get some great content on your blog, do sign up to Get Blogged, and other sites. Companies want bloggers to write about them, they want products reviewed honestly.

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