How To Have Happy Feet In Winter & Cosy Giveaway!!

Happy Feet

In order to be happy, my feet need to be comfortable.  I frequently write about my needing to keep my feet hydrating.  I cannot sleep if I feel like I have dry feet because I feel like they’re itchy and uncomfortable and like the skin is going to crack and fall off in my sleep!  They need to be moisturised every night.



Another terrible thing that can disturb my foot happiness is them being cold.  No one likes having cold feet.  My house is frequently cold and regular visitors tend to visit wearing layers.  My friends are like little bundles of layered onions.  I have a lovely solution to that, but you’ll need to see the giveaway at the bottom of the page for the resolution.


The Pursuit Of Foot Happiness

Regularly Exfoliate

This improves circulation and removes the dead skin, preventing callouses.  I love the Isla Apocathery Lemongrass + Rosemary Renew Foot Scrub available here.  I use it as a foot bath and it’s really luxurious.  It smells so refreshing and leaves my feet hydrated and feeling smooth and pampered.

Isla Apothecary Foot Scrub



Keep your feet thoroughly hydrated to prevent your skin from chapping and cracking.  I have two favourite foot balms.  The Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm that I wrote about in My September Favourites.  My other favourite is a new discovery that I made during the month of November.  There was an offer on BalmBalm products so I thought I’d give their Tea Tree Foot Balm a try.  Great decision!!  It’s excellent.  I love this one and the Botanicals balm equally.


BalmBalm Foot Balm



In the evenings, keep your feet warm by wearing some Thermolactyl Booties!  The people at Damart are giving away one lucky reader a pair of these super fluffy and cosy slippers for you to keep your feet warm during the winter.



Combining warmth with style… Damart’s thermals are available in a variety of colours, designs and sizes.

Sustainable Heat

5 degrees of protection against the cold

Thin and light for optimal comfort

Please enter the giveaway below to be in with a chance of winning a pair of these for free.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Lindsey Stuart

    Fantastic read! You are soooo right moisturising feet is very important! 🙂
    I am loving the look of these slippers in both colours, very nice
    Merry Christmas to you

  2. says: sharon stanley

    I am exactly the same, have to exfoliate and moisturise otherwise my feet will only ever be worthy of showing off on Halloween. Thank you for the chance to win some lovely warm slippers. We’ve had our house laminated throughout and although easier to keep clean with 3 kids and a dog it’s so much colder than carpet. Slippers would be a happy medium 🙂

  3. says: Miss Tracy Hanson

    What a great prize. My feet are the bane of my life. Some slippers are too warm for them and some are pretty useless. Have tired a pair on before and they are great. Thanks for the chance.

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