My September Favourites – 2017

September feels like it’s flown by.  No longer has it started, it’s gone.  My September favourites still include many of my August favourites.  I’m loving the second season of Victoria and my spoon whittling is coming along leaps and bounds (in my opinion…).  Some of my new favourites are a bit random…

cheese and onion bake

Cheese & Onion Crispbakes

Oh, my goodness.  These are delicious.  I could happily munch on them all day long.  They’re moist and crispy and cheesy and oniony and delicious and I love them.  They are the best things to have for lunch ever.  Or for dinner.  Or for breakfast…  Breakfast might be pushing it.  Brunch?  They come frozen and you get two in a box for £1.  What more could you actually want?  I’m going to have to go and put the oven on now… It’s gone midday.  Lunchtime.

Lu Lovely winter make up


I barely wore makeup during the summer.  Part of my getting better is to follow a routine that a dear friend helped me to devise.  Part of that plan includes self-care – doing my makeup in the mornings.  I don’t do it every morning, but I’m back to wearing makeup a few times a week.  I’ve completely fallen back in love with the products in my makeup bag.  I’ve also made a few new purchases from LoveLula.  I’m very excited for this week’s post because I’ve ordered a few very exciting things.

sterling silver fish charm

Vintage Sterling Silver Charm

My Goddaughter, Scarlet, turned 5 in September.  As Scarlet’s christening gift when she was a baby, we bought her a sterling silver charm bracelet.  We’ve bought her a couple of charms over the years to mark special occasions.  For her birthday this year, we bought her this gorgeous sterling silver vintage goldfish from eBay.  The eBay seller was so lovely and I’d highly recommend you visit her shop.  Scarlet shares my love of goldfish and really enjoys watching the swimming around the pond.

Botanicals Foot Rescue Balm

foot balm

Botanicals rescue balm

I bought a hand sanitiser earlier in the year.  There was an offer on at the time so I also got three little mini products to try.  One of them was their Foot Balm Rescue.  I use foot moisturisers every day.  Having dry feet is one of the worst feelings ever in my book.  I hate it.  Also, I really can’t get to sleep if my feet feel dry.

This foot balm is a game changer.  It’s amazing.  I’ve just bought the largest jar they do (I’m also really hoping that MrLovely only says he reads my blog posts and doesn’t actually read them…) because I’ve been buying quite a few things lately.  You can buy it from LoveLula for £18 for the 60g jar.  Seriously, go and buy it.  I have extremely happy feet now.  I use it every night.  Massage it in, pop some cotton socks on and enjoy a brilliant night’s sleep.  Yes!

blogger ballgown


Since the children went back to school, I now spend every Thursday with my best friend.  Thursdays and Lu-and-Tor-days.  Tor doesn’t work on a Thursday so we spend our time with great intentions of starting up a new exercise regime and trying various different activities, like painting, for example.  So far, we’ve whittled spoons, set up Tor’s new blog (A Girl And Her Giant), had some yummy lunches and laughed.  We’ve laughed a lot.

glass teapot infuser

Teapot & Cherry Tea

I really enjoy a good fruit tea.  I love loose tea too (for various reasons that I won’t go into now).  MrLovely recently bought me this beautiful new teapot with a build in infuser.  The first fruit tea I bought was so disgusting I couldn’t even get to the end of the cup.  Yuck.  It was so bitter.  Since then, I’ve discovered the most delicious black forest cherry fruit tea.  Oh my word, it’s a winner.  If you like cherries, this is the tea for you.

I hope you had a great September.  I’d love to hear about the things you’re enjoying this autumn.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Natasha

    Cherry tea sounds lovely! I could imagine myself drinking something like that. The vintage fish charm you brought your goddaughter is very sweet and it has a lovely meaning behind it

    Tasha x

  2. says: Thesonambulist

    I just wanted to say thanks for recommending that amazing tea! Have now ordered 500g of it as everyone in the house keeps pinching it!

  3. What an elegant teapot! I like to slow down and have a tea in stylish cups once in a while.
    Also, foot rescue balms are something I cannot live without, my feet get dry quite easily, so I appreciate every tip!

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