Happy International Women’s Day – 2018

Happy International Women's Day - 2018

As I’m sure you’re already aware, if you follow our blog or any of our social media channels, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day today.  Gender equality is a really important subject.


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You Get Out What You Put In

The beliefs you hold as a parent and instil upon your children are a person’s biggest influence that shapes their value system as they grow into adults.

I had my first child when I was 18.  I raised him not as a boy, but as a person.  He loved wearing my bright red Christian Dior lipstick and wearing my diamante tiara.  He loved nothing more than playing with toy dolls and pushing them around in his toy pushchair.  I encouraged this kind of play.  I figured it will put him in good stead if he is to become a father as an adult.

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My dad boasts that he has never changed a nappy in his life, despite having had four children.  Like that is something to be proud of.  My mum broke her arm whilst two of her children were in nappies.  They were cloth nappies too!  None of this easy-peasy disposable rubbish.  Still, she cracked on and soldiered through.  Nappy changing is women’s work.  I adore my dad, but I think this is pretty rubbish behaviour.  My parents are an amazing couple and they have a relationship that is something really to aspire to.

I have three older brothers, so I grew up in a male-dominated household.  After having had three boys, my mum was desperate for me to play with dolls and she loved dressed me in pink.  I was far more interested in crashing about with my brothers and playing with action men, buried in mud.  Sorry, mum.  Never once was I made to feel inferior for having been born a girl.



I’ve since gone on to give birth to two more children and I’m raising them, not as one boy and one girl, but as people.  I also have two stepdaughters.  One of which lives with us.  We’re not having any of this, girls do this and boys do this behaviour.  Anyone can be anything they want to be.

There are so many inspirational role models for children to look up to and so many books out there for young children to lap up and learn from that I feel like there is no excuse for inequality.  The World just needs to catch up.

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Not Just A Women’s Issue

MrLovely repeated a joke to me that he heard on the radio this morning.  The DJ said that because it’s International Women’s Day, men should be put on mute for the day.  What a stupid thing to say.  Feminism isn’t just an issue for women.  The inequality also affects men.  Men are made me feel like they need to be strong, masculine and to mask their feelings.  Why shouldn’t they be allowed to express themselves just as any other person would?

If anyone tells my son to “man up”, they will absolutely feel the wrath of my tongue.  Person up or jog on.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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