Health Issues That You Think Is An Age Thing

Health Issues That You Think Is An Age Thing

Health has an age. Indeed, you expect an old body to displays signs of fatigue and weakness. On the contrary, you naturally assume that youth should bring health. It’s the eternal dilemma you’ve learned from your grandparents; the things they could have done if they had had a young body with an experienced mind!

But in reality, it’s only because we grew up in a society that emphasises the natural connection between old age and poor health that we assume that all health issues are related to your age. In fact, many health complaints are wrongly labelled to be for young or old people. If you think you’re too old for acne outbreaks or too young for joint pains, this little article is about to blow your mind!

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My teeth aren’t straight

Bad teeth are the kind of issues that are often associated with puberty and teenagers. Indeed, you probably have memories of kids your age coming to school with a pair of braces to straighten up their teeth. As a result, adults who are worried about their teeth not being straight tend to suffer silently to avoid the metallic smile of their youth. In reality, the position and alignment of your teeth can be influenced by many factors, including the growth of wisdom teeth as a young adult. You can, nowadays, find ways to straighten up your smile without the need for braces! In short, there’s no need to fear your dentist appointment anymore.

Acne outbreaks that make you wonder if you’ve hit puberty again

Urgh, the struggle with acne is real, and it affects more and more adults every day. What is happening to your body? The most straightforward answer is that improving your skin quality is linked to your diet. Greasy and high sugar food can lead to acne outbreaks at any age. Additionally, stress is another common factor for the apparition of spots!

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I can’t have wrinkles already!

The media have driven into our minds the idea that wrinkles are an ugly sign of weakness. The truth about it is that your skin can lose its flexibility and firmness for a variety of reason. Age is, of course, the most natural explanation. However, dehydration can also lead to the formation of fine lines, as your body uses up the water stored in the skin cells. Indeed, if your indoor air at home lacks humidity, or simply if you don’t drink enough water during the day, your face can get wrinkles beyond your age!

Arthritis has nothing to do with how old you are

Joint pains, or arthritis, tend to be wrongly stigmatised as the number one enemy of old age. Bad joints, however, has nothing to do with age. It’s the result of an inflammation of the tissues, which can occur after a repetitive exercise or as a sign of dehydration – your joints consist of over 70% water! You can’t prevent achy joints; however, you can take measure to reduce the pressure such as controlling your weight and eating a healthy diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Is your health linked to your age? Not always! Ultimately, your body reacts to many factors. The secret to youthful health, however, is to give your body the attention it deserves now.

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