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We recently had the opportunity to sample the Hello Fresh Food Boxes.  I don’t know about anyone else but in our house, we are terrible at meal planning. Either we forget some of the ingredients or we will be busy with other things. Before you know it, the time is 7 pm and dinner hasn’t been prepped. Lots of households shop online and have groceries delivered to the door, how organised are they! We have tried this once or twice but found the produce delivered was either at its best or slightly past its best. Before the week was out our planned meals were scuppered due to spoilt produce. Trip to the supermarket to replace the produce or buy ingredients for a totally different meal, for us, it just wasn’t a winner.

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eat fresh

Hello fresh might have got this cracked. We decided to give it a try. The box arrived undamaged and on time. First impressions were great. All the produce was fresh although a bugbear of mine was the amount of plastic used. Our household is trying to be a plastic-free as possible and the herbs do come in plastic bags. The chilli flakes come in little single-use pots. Personally, I would have prefered to see the chilli flakes in a paper envelope and the herbs in a paper bag.  Having said that, the overall impression was a great selection of fresh ingredients. Add to this, well-explained instructions for the preparation and cooking of each meal. At hello fresh, they also cater for vegetarians. There is a wide choice of recipes and they have several options so there is something to suit your lifestyle. Here are a few pictures of what we had in our box.


Pork steaks



The instructions are very clear and concise. The ingredients though not locally sourced are of a good quality. What is nice, these meals contain a good amount of vegetables, vegetables children especially might not ordinarily eat, aubergine, for example, the children were quite interested and intrigued by it. Turns out the children weren’t struck by it but it does make them try new things and that can only be a good thing. I purposely left the meals and spaced them out over several days and I have to say, the produce didn’t go over and the veg stayed firm.



We cooked garlic pork steaks with roasted veg and a leafy salad with feta cheese. Delicious! This was a winner with the children and adults alike.


Pan-fried chicken with a leek and vegetable medley cooked in creme fresh, The children weren’t in love with the medley, however, I thought it was delicious!


Finally, we had a lovely spaghetti bolognese using aubergine, onion, sun-dried tomatoes and other lovely veg topped with chorizo. The aubergine wasn’t really working in this dish but its great to try.



As a whole, the box is great value for money, the fact they cater to your needs and lifestyle is great. Personally, I would like to see less plastic and I’m sure in time that will happen. Something you feel like trying?  Check out the Hello Fresh website. The ingredients are good quality and will last a good amount of time. The meat products are sourced from smaller retailers and not the supermarket. All in all its a fab concept and I believe once you have tried it you will go back for more.

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