How Our Looks Affect Our Minds

Growing up in this world is what shapes us as a person; there are expectations from our parents, our friends, our teachers, ourselves, and of course from society at large. And a lot of the time, these expectations fall on the way we look. We need to be smart and presentable at the very least, and ultimately we need to be conventionally beautiful to reach what people believe to be the prime of our lives. However, nearly everyone on the planet fails to live up to these expectations, and this is where they get seriously harmful. Considering that, let’s see how our looks really affect the way we see ourselves when they’re based on outside opinions and thoughts.


Focusing On Your Face

Your face is the first thing the world sees when they meet you, and it’s something people base most of their first impressions off of. This can often leave us at a disadvantage, as a lot of research has gone into things such as the halo effect and whether ‘pretty people’ earn more money. And immediately we can see that is incredibly unfair, but we live in a culture that implements beauty ideals even in the strangest of places.

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For example, when you need something like prescription glasses, you’re expected to be smart and knowledgeable about all kinds of subjects and to look a lot better when the glasses come off. And yet, in reality, you just need a little more help to see! So make sure you live up to your own hype when it comes to having to face the world. It takes effort, but telling yourself you don’t have to fit into a box is essential.

Staring at Magazine Covers


When it comes to beauty ideals, popular prints are at the forefront of pushing unattainable ideals onto us. These include airbrushed bodies, poses that make bodies look thinner and more sculpted than they actually are, and lies in the stories themselves as to how to attain such body goals.

Reading these things can inspire us to live a little healthier of course, but always remember that people are making money off of you when you do so. There’s a whole industry based on making people feel bad in order to buy their products, so always be aware of this when you’re investing in shapewear or a bit more foundation.

Feeling Like You Can’t Win

Once again expectations leave harmful effects on people due to the number of different ones out there. So many teenagers are developing eating disorders because they’re declared overweight, and yet when they get down to a size that’s still healthy, they’re told to keep going. It’s this struggle that’s both exhausting and debilitating, and it needs putting a stop to in every way we can think of.

Our looks are perceived by people around us, and every single one of them has a different idea of who we are because of them. Always put yourself first when these ideas become a problem.


Being beautiful is about so much more than the way a person looks.  You’re beautiful!

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

*This is a collaborated post

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