How To Choose The Right Puppy For Your Family

How To Choose The Right Puppy For Your Family

Introducing a pet to your home is a significant decision. Deciding to get a pet dog is a huge commitment as they need a lot of time, care, and attention. Before you go ahead and select a puppy, it is vital that you make an informed decision and choose the perfect dog for your family. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when selecting the right dog for your family:


Your choice of a puppy should reflect how much time you can dedicate to giving them the exercise they need. Different dog breeds have distinctly different exercise needs and some dogs need far more activity than others. Getting a dog breed that requires plenty of exercise but failing to provide them with this is detrimental to their health and is unfair to them. So, if you cannot commit to a couple of long walks each day with your dogs, you may be best choosing a breed that needs just a little exercise. Havanese dogs make great pets for people that want a dog that enjoys daily walks but does not need to go on long hikes each day to keep them healthy and happy. Smaller breeds like the Havanese are often happy to play in the backyard and gain exercise and stimulation with games at home, alongside a daily walk.

Havanese puppy


Choosing a dog that is appropriately sized for your lifestyle is essential. If you have a small house and select a mountain dog as your pet, you could soon find that the tiny puppy you bring home is now dominating your living space. As well as ensuring your puppy is a suitable size for your home, it is also crucial to consider your vehicle. Your dog will need to travel in the car for trips out and vet visits, so being able to fit safely in your car is vital. Puppies grow fast, so knowing how big it is expected to develop in adulthood is an excellent starting point when choosing a dog to ensure you have the available space to accommodate its needs.


Aside from the initial cost of buying a puppy, there are some further cost considerations to keep in mind. The cost of dog ownership can add up, so ensuring that you can cover the monthly expenses required is vital. You will need to work out how much the puppy will cost to feed both now and when it is older, plus the cost of pet insurance and the grooming costs involved to keep your new pet looking at its best.


Unfortunately, some breeds of dogs are prone to severe health conditions. These health conditions can lead to discomfort for the dog and a lot of expense for you. Carefully researching the health issues common in each dog breed is an excellent way to ensure you understand how to keep your pet healthy and know the signs you need to look out for when caring for your new puppy.

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