How To Grow As A Blogger And Influencer

How To Grow As A Blogger And Influencer

There are a lot of perks to becoming a successful blogger, however, it does take time to build yourself up as an influencer.  I’ve been blogging for almost six years now and I thought I’d share with you how to go about becoming a blogger.


What Is A Blog?

A blog is a website that shares information, usually in chronological order with the most recent appearing at the top, about a particular subject or topic.  I started my first blog when I was 19 and it was a web log (an online diary).  They’ve come a long way since then and there are so many varied subjects that blogs can be about.  Literally anything.

how to become a blogger

What Do You Need To Start Blogging?

In order to start your own blog, you need to have a domain name, hosting service, some blogging supplies such as a camera or microphone (many people just use their smartphones when they’re starting out, some knowledge about blogging software such as WordPress or Tumblr (though most of it can be picked up pretty easily from blog posts such as this one, and some time that you can spare from work or school.  There are places where you can get a free blog hosted but if you want to make money from your blog or want to blog to become an influencer, I’d highly recommend getting your own domain name and hosting.

The Benefits Of Being A Blogger/Influencer

If you build your Domain Authority up to a number over 5 (Domain Authority, often referred to as a DA, pertains to how high your website ranks on google), you can start making money from your blog.  There are many companies out there that will want you to review their product and pay you to do so.  There are also many companies that will send you products in exchange for a review or a mention on your blog.  You can also earn money from having a decent following on your social media accounts.


How To Build Your Audience As A Blogger

With regards to your blog, in order to raise your DA, you need links from other websites to your blog (known as backlinks).  It’s also really important to promote your blog on other platforms to reach a wider audience, for example, tweet your most recent blog post or post the featured image of your latest post on your Instagram account.  There are plenty of blogger groups on Facebook where fellow bloggers are there to help and support each other.  You can also collaborate with other bloggers on a blog post where they link back to your site in exchange for a small piece of information for their blog post.  This is known as link swapping.


How To Build Your Social Media Following

This can be really very time consuming but I personally find it really rewarding.  Engagement.  Commenting on other people’s posts, tweets, etc. and posting regularly.  I built my Instagram following by doing lots of giveaways.  My niche is green beauty so I collaborated with similarly minded brands and did giveaways and shared the giveaways everywhere I could think of. Some people find buying their Instagram following works for them, by researching the best site to buy Instagram followers and growing their following through them. If you use TikTok there is a site you can use called TokMatik to get more likes.


In Conclusion

Becoming an established blogger or an influencer isn’t a quick process and it takes a lot of time and dedication to get there, as well as a financial outlay for things like your domain name and your host.  You also need to be able to create your own content for your blog.  Remember to use search engine optimisation and you should be able there.  If you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch.  Thanks for reading.

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