Smart Temperature Duvet Cover Review

Smart Temperature Duvet Cover Review

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I love good quality bedding and I always make sure what I buy is 100% cotton.  When I was given the opportunity to try a Smart Temperature Duvet Cover, I jumped at the chance!

The Fine Bedding Company Smart Teamperature review

The Fine Bedding Company

What I really like about this company is that it is a sustainable bedding company with a 100% sustainable zero-waste eco-factory.  “We started in 1912 as a small family company originally supplying large cruise liners and ships, before focusing on developing luxurious, solution-based bedding products. As a fourth-generation British business with over 100 years of innovation behind us; our united purpose at work is simply to create a better product for a better night’s sleep.”

You just know the bedding is going to be good when they supply hotels with their bedding.  Is there anything more lovely than good quality bedding in a hotel room?

Smart Temperature Duvet Cover review

Incidentally, I did a poll over on my Instagram and most people do not iron their duvet cover so no judging me for the wrinkles!

Smart Temperature Duvet Cover

The Smart Temperature bed linen is made from beautifully soft, 200 thread count, 100% cotton (and they’re part of the Better Cotton Initiative, which is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the World.  By buying from The Fine Bedding Company, you know you’re supporting more sustainable cotton farming).  This duvet cover is a complete temperature management sleep system with unique Smart Temp™ technology from Swiss textile innovators HeiQ, delivering temperature control for optimal comfort.

With the weather constantly changing at the moment (is anyone else finding it unseasonably warm for autumn?!), I know that with my new duvet cover, my temperature in bed will be optimum.  I adore my bedding, it’s so comfortable on our divan beds and I’ve been finding this duvet cover has fast become my favourite.  I used to watch a TV show called something like, How To Be A Good Housewife (which is ironic because I’m pretty rubbish at housework) with Anthea Turner and I remember her saying that white bedding is the best colour to have because it not only looks lovely but it makes the bedroom feel bigger.

So, if you like quality and hotel bedding, I can recommend this Smart Temperature duvet cover.  You’ll have to buy separate pillowcases though because it doesn’t come with any, which I thought was a bit unusual.  I just popped out and bought some though so it wasn’t really any bother.

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